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Each individuated Human Soul is a multi-layered, living library composed of refined and heavy energies. It serves as a container for Spirit, as well as a protector for our Human selves. Everything we need to know, the keys to our health and happiness, is there.

The State of the Soul Affects our Entire Human Experience.

Illness and suffering show up as heavy energy, yet it’s only when they sift down through the layers and manifest in our mental, emotional and/or physical bodies that we take notice.

Spiritual Healing Transforms the Soul.

It Refines, Invigorates, Unifies and Oftentimes Cures.

Attending to the Soul Creates Space for Health and Freedom.

One Healing Ceremony Can Change Your Entire Life.

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Upcoming Events

Ongoing: Individual Healing Ceremonies 

In Person: Paradise, California

Distant Healings are always an option.

AUGUST 13 - 21

Healing Quest

Ashland, Oregon


Spiritual Healing Class

Paradise, California

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