I believe it’s important to have my teacher, Ezekiel’s, information about the core foundation of 11:11:11 on the blog. Perhaps it will help us remember and live from this awareness.

Ezekiel says, “11:11 is a pre-encoded number within the DNA of many. It is another call to awakening. It is also pre-encoded in a different way, within the body of Earth.

11:11:11 is a time to usher in the Divine Feminine. It is a time to anchor in the Template of Oneness.

Ceremonies of this sort will be occurring throughout the globe, as well as on other planets – calling forth and anchoring in Oneness, Unity and the reign of the Divine Feminine.

The Divine Feminine, in Her healed and healthy state, is only Love, and Love is Unity. The Divine Masculine, in His healed and healthy state, is only Love, and Love is Unity.

For over 2000 years, the Divine Masculine has become thwarted by the wounds of man, and its manifestation upon the planet has become one of duality – war, power, death and devastation.

It is time for the reign of the Divine Feminine. The power of Her. The power of Her to affect Unity. The power of Her to restore Wholeness. The power of Her to grow Her children, birth Her children and know Her children will never die in a war. For within the power of Her, there is no war. There is no starvation. There is Unity. There is Love.

11:11:11 is a pre-encoded number, my friends, that signals the onset of the reign of the Divine Feminine. Help call forth that energy. Help anchor that energy. Help free that energy. Within thyself and within the atmosphere.

So the template surrounding the planet of Earth becomes one not of distorted masculine, one not of duality, but one of Feminine, Unity and Oneness. It is time.

It is important that there be men at your ceremony. Where are the men? The Divine Masculine, which has become distorted, seeks to heal itself. Bring forth the men. Women – bring your men. The men have become lost. Lost in work, lost in money, lost in time. Bring forth the men, for the men are needed for this task.

Praise the Masculine for its hard efforts, and honor the Feminine. Bring Her forth. It is Her time. She and She alone is at the forefront of Unity in these times right now, as She has been in the very long ago past.”