What is Intuition? How does it work? Why do some of us seem to have more of it than others?

Intuition is our Self, as Spirit/Consciousness, speaking to us, the Human Being. It is our Truth. We often experience this as a heart based knowing, although some feel it in their solar plexus. When we intuit something, our inner ears are open to our Spirit, Soul and Heart.

Intuition is always present, yet do we pay attention to it? Are we taking the time to listen to our Selves? And once we’ve heard, do we respond? Noticing and listening are only parts of Intuition; taking action regarding what we know is living Intuition at its fullest.

Like everything else, Intuition is energy. Have you ever heard, felt, sensed or known something and then chosen to ignore it? How did that make you feel? Were you left with an ache in your heart or gut? Energy likes movement and circulation. When we dis-acknowledge our Selves, the energy becomes stuck. The more we do this, energy accumulates and eventually manifests within our physical bodies. Illnesses such as heart attack, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and digestive disorders are oftentimes the results of a lifetime of ignored Intuition.

We’ve all been confused at times and thought, “I’m not sure what I’m feeling. Is this my Intuition or my mind?”

When you find yourself in that situation, stop. Take a breath. Then focus your attention on your mind, and breathe the energy of your mind down, to the center of your chest – your Heart/Soul space. Feed your Soul, Heart and Light with the energy of your overactive mind. Then ask yourself – what do I want to know? The energy that had been bound up within your mind will now be filling your Soul. Look there, and you’ll find the answers you were seeking.

Intuition is the call of the Spirit, Soul and Heart. The mind is a tool of the Human. I was once told, “The Soul is the conductor of the Human life, and the mind is an instrument of the Soul.”

If you ever think your Intuition is blocked, look within. Do you feel safe? Are you comfortable in your own skin? Do you feel caught within societal or cultural constraints? Intuition cannot be blocked by anyone or anything outside of the Self. The freer we are within, the more powerful and potent our Intuition is.

We can always use the tool of intention to unblock or enhance our Intuition. Intend to live from the knowing of your Soul. Intend to live in the awareness of your true identity, Spirit in Human form. Intend to remember that we’re all One, connected to everything and everyone. If you have these intentions for life, your Intuition will flourish. Yet remember – it’s not just in the knowing, it’s in the trusting of the knowing and then taking the appropriate action. We always have a choice whether or not to listen and act.

Here’s an exercise:
Place your hands upon your center, your Heart/Soul space. See, feel and sense the Light of Love; it’s like the flame of a candle. Inhale to the Light, and exhale as you breathe it down your arms and out your hands. Ask for all energies that might be keeping you from fully realizing and living your Intuition to release. Feed your Light with your breath.

Intuition is the way our Self as Spirit, expresses to us, the Human, the knowings of our Soul. Everyone has the capacity to live this relationship.