This is a brief synopsis of a healing ceremony I experienced with an amazing woman whom I’ll call Beth. I’m sharing it with you because it’s a powerful example of the miracle of Soul Retrieval.

Beth has a good life. A loving husband, children, grand children and long time friends. She owns her own business in her town and is well liked and respected.
About 9 months ago, Beth lost her father. They were very close, and she loved him dearly. As the days and weeks went by after his death, Beth began feeling odd. She was in mourning, of course, but something else was happening.

Beth began noticing she was unable to feel and find herself. Where was she? Beth noticed her ability to laugh had disappeared, and she was unable to feel any joy at all. All she could experience emotionally was sadness and grief. Beth became quite tense and agitated and began staying home much of the time, becoming as she told me, a recluse. Sleep became her good friend.

A psychiatrist prescribed medications that didn’t help, and eventually Beth ended up spending almost two weeks in a psychiatric hospital. When I met her, Beth was very depressed and discouraged. Nothing was helping, nothing was changing, and she couldn’t bear to live that way any longer. Something had to shift. Beth had an appointment for electro-shock therapy scheduled for the next week; she said the doctors didn’t know what else to do for her.

The intention for Beth’s healing was, “My soul is back, and I am whole and myself again.”

It’s very important that our healing intention is our personal miracle. Intention acts like a key; it opens the layers of the soul that need attending so we can eventually realize and live our intention.

As Beth lay upon my healing table, I channeled the Light of Love. It moved from my center, down my arms, out my hands and into and through the bottoms of her feet. The Light filled her. It purified her body and soul in preparation for the soul retrieval that would eventually occur. I sat there a long while. When the time was right, my teacher and power animal took me on a journey on Beth’s behalf. We went to the Death Gateway.

I first encountered the Death Gateway in 1997 during my shamanic initiation. In my experience, each of us, as Spirit, moves through this gateway upon our physical death. It’s a grey tunnel that eventually merges with a tunnel of Light, which after a while becomes the great expansiveness of Light. I’ve been taken to the Death Gateway many times for clients.

Here is the story that unfolded:

When Beth’s father died, he left his body, moved through the Death Gateway and into the Light. Beth was in a state of trauma and grief, and as a result, a part of her soul followed her father into the gateway. At first she (the soul part) desperately tried to catch up with him and accompany him into the Light; Beth really wanted to be with her father. She was unable to pass into the Light tunnel though, because it wasn’t her time to leave the physical reality. Beth’s soul part became frantic; she couldn’t unite with her father and didn’t know how to get out of the Death Gateway. Realizing she was stuck, she fell into deep resignation and despair.

When we experience trauma in our lives, in order to emotionally survive the situation, a part or parts of our soul dissociate and end up in what many call “non-ordinary” reality. Soul parts go to a limitless number of places in the spiritual realms, sometimes areas of mass consciousness, such as the Death Gateway, and other times to realms that are based on the unique make-up of the individual person. Soul parts remain stuck in time and live in the experience that created the need for their dissociation, even if it happened 50 years ago in linear time.

It’s an illusion to think our dissociated and detached parts are separate from us. They are us, and we, on the physical, become a reflection of the emotional state of our soul parts. This often leads to physical, mental, emotional and/or energetic illness and is why most people are unable to come into present time and heal.

Post-traumatic stress disorder is a classic medical diagnosis of soul loss. Medications might mask symptoms, yet it’s the restoration of the soul part(s) that allows us to free ourselves from the past and live our lives more fully in the moment.

The agitation and depth of resignation and despair Beth’s lost soul part experienced dramatically affected her emotional state. She felt it all, and then fell into a deep depression. As a result of this new trauma, another core part of Beth’s soul dissociated. I was brought to the Land of the Dead, another mass consciousness realm, to retrieve it.

By the end of the ceremony, Beth’s two soul parts were recovered, had been bathed in my healing waters (in the journey) and were restored to her soul, where they belonged. My teacher said within three days she would notice a difference in her emotional experience. Immersed in the Light of Love, when the healing was complete, Beth’s entire soulscape (energy field) was glowing.

As of this writing, I haven’t spoken with Beth, although I did spend time with her friend the other night. She had recently been at a gathering with Beth and told me she was chatty and clearly enjoying herself.

Hearing this was thrilling to me.

Dissociation and soul loss are themes for the majority of my clients, whether they’re physically ill or emotionally suffering. Over the past twenty years I’ve seen shamanic soul retrieval greatly enhance the lives of countless numbers of people, myself included. We must all come home to ourselves. How else can we live in the present moment? The Here and Now. – no longer triggered and living out of past traumas and wounds. Free.

Welcome Home Beth.