I recently returned from a powerful group experience at Teotihuacan, Mexico called “The Journey of the Four Petaled Flower.” I co-lead these journeys with my dear friend, Emily; this was our sixth group together.

The city of Teotihuacan was built over two thousand years ago. Around 800 A.D. the Teotihuacanos vacated it, although no one really knows why or where they went. When the Toltecs arrived, they considered it a holy place. Centuries later, the Aztecs found Teo in ruins. They acknowledged its greatness and were the ones who named it Teotihuacan. This word, roughly translated from Nahuatl, their native language, might mean – the place where man becomes god. The Aztecs named the pyramids as the Sun and Moon based on their cosmology and named the north/south passageway through the city the Avenue of the Dead, as they assumed that the completely overgrown temples along this thoroughfare must have been burial mounds. (Thank you, Emily, for help with this brief, concise history.)

Underneath the very center of what has become known as the Pyramid of the Sun is a natural cave. About one thousand years before the pyramid was built on top of it, (three thousand years ago!!) the cave was carved by hand into the shape of a four petaled flower. This symbol, the four petaled flower, is the center of not only the pyramid, but the entire complex of Teotihuacan.

During our group journey last year, Emily and I realized it was time to immerse ourselves in Teo without any of the preconceived ideas or names of things given to us by the Aztecs or archeologists. We released our attachments, and with open hearts and minds, our group explored the ruins. Our intention was to learn from the spirits and ancestors still living there. Who are they? What was Teo really about?

I have been attracted to and fascinated by the four petaled flower at Teotihuacan since my very first visit in 2005. It’s a symbol found in various parts of the city and very well preserved in a particular area I’m drawn to time and time again.

Last year, as our group sat on top of the Pyramid of the Sun, directly in the center of both the pyramid and the cave of the four petaled flower which lay far beneath us, my Teotihuacano spirit teacher, Sarayna, told us (in part,)

“As you hear me speak, realize the energy of creation is filling you from underneath, up through the base of this pyramid. Let it fill you. This is what we did in my day.

The four petaled flower is a symbol of All Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Fragrance, Bounty, Harvest, and Union. My people loved and revered this symbol.

The energy of each petal imparts uniqueness, and each uniqueness comes together in the center. The center of the flower is a combined union of all of the petals, and itself radiates out to create the energy of the entire symbol, which is its own uniqueness.

In my day, which you cannot see with your outer eyes, every home had a specific altar place where the four petaled flower resided and radiated.

Sometimes we would become the four petaled flower. During ceremony and in festivals, we would dance, sing and integrate the symbol inside of ourselves in a deeply conscious way – All Life, No Beginning, No End, All Unified. This is human shape-shifting.

It is important to instill the four petaled flower within. Imagine your heart center as the circle within the flower, and each petal radiating from your upper chest.

Every day is an opportunity to live as a four petaled flower. Receive its energy deep within. Become the energy, and feed the energy to all humanity. ”

After this teaching, I realized our next journey (the one we recently completed) would focus on the four petaled flower. Emily and I had been in love with this symbol for years, and it was time for us to discover more about it.

Which brings me to the present moment, where I am deep in the process of integrating the experiences and teachings of “The Journey of the Four Petaled Flower.”

Eight women from around the country joined Emily and myself, each one drawn to the trip, yet not really knowing why. Before the group arrived, Emily and I were sitting around her kitchen table talking about the journey, and all of a sudden we simultaneously awoke to the purpose of the week. After coming out of shock, we laughed and became very excited.

Our core task was to reawaken the Four Petaled Flower, the symbol of the Unity of All Life, and integrate it into Universal Consciousness.

We were to learn about the flower from our loving guides and teachers, and bring the image of the four petaled flower to the planet and people in a new way. We were to become the flower.

And specifically in regards to Teotihuacan, we were to be in and see the ruins in a new way. To begin at the center, the cave, and walk along the path of the flower as we consciously activate what appeared to be its hidden petals. This is a unique, four petaled route through the ruins of Teotihuacan which includes being outside of the gated area and in the surrounding communities. No one in our lifetime, as far as we know, has seen Teo in this way, the way of the ancients.

The group was up for it, and we spent a week actively committed to what we felt to be our mission.

Here are a few basic things we learned that I’d like to share with you now:

* The four petaled flower is a universal symbol that is embedded within the body of Earth.
* The image and energetic imprint of the flower was brought to us from somewhere in the outer cosmos by some of our star family ancestors who placed it within the Earth in an infinite number of directions. The symbol spins out from the center an infinite number of times and creates a complete sphere, which is what we perceive as Earth.
* The four petaled flower is a powerful healing symbol.
* The energy of each petal absolutely does have its own uniqueness.

We have no doubt that the symbol of the four petaled flower has been re-discovered and activated. Have you felt it? And as the Earth does her part by radiating the symbol, each of us has the opportunity to do ours.

The goal now – mine, Emily’s, the group’s – perhaps yours?? is to remember that we are all the Earth, as well as representatives of the Earth, and to live the symbol of the four petaled flower, envisioning it radiating out from deep within.

It’s not enough to look in the mirror every day and say to the image we see reflected, “You are a four petaled flower, a four petaled flower of wholeness.” That’s just the beginning. Our flower comes alive and blossoms as we live it. Moment to moment, day by day, the scent, beauty and color radiates.

How do we live as a four petaled flower? By seeing through the eye of the flower, which is actually the eye of the heart. As we see through and act from the eye of the heart of the flower, we are able to become the evolved humans we’re each in the process of becoming.

(I’ll write more about the Four Petaled Flower in the future.)