This is from my Teacher, Ezekiel. His guidance has become essential for my personal life, as well as for all of us at Healing Quest. It is an excerpt.

“The people are hungry. Hungry not for food – hungry for themselves. Many/most of them have reached an apex within their own human-beingness. An apex of energies from the past are in the present and are keeping each one from moving into a future that is healthy, happy and filled with joy.

They are hungry for themselves; they are seeking themselves. Where are they within the myriad of factors they have collected around themselves and move through their lives within? As if that is who they are.

Each one, of course in varying degrees, has amassed a multi-tangled unit of fibrous energies around their soul. For some it is thin. For others, it is a rather thick coating.

In their search for themselves, in their hunger for themselves, they are called to break free. To discard the tentacles, fibers and energetic masses that, for some, is causing great illness. That for some, will cause great illness. And for others, are certainly causing a disharmony in the day-to-day life.

For some, even thought the hunger is strong, the hunger might even be insatiable, you can expect great resistance, and within this resistance, there might be powerful emotions.

For many, the energies that have become so solidified within these filaments of density will need to be expressed, as the fibers of the filaments begin fraying, splitting and coming apart.

It is time. It is a Quest for breaking the rotting, stuck together filaments of dysfunction.

What is happening in the overall energetics of the planet?

The overall energetics of the planet, my son, are no different than what is occurring in your Healing Quest. This is occurring for each and every human being upon the planet. Each one is hungry for their soul, for their spirit, for their light, for their home. For their core beingness. Each one is hungry. The energies are strong and palpitating rapidly, and they create a quickening where each one is in the same exact experience I have just spoken of regarding your Healing Quest community members.

If you notice, my friend, that in this quest for self, for home, many are leaving, for they are realizing that their true home is not within the human body. That their core identity is not as human being. Many become sick so they might leave. Many become spontaneously killed so they might leave. They have made a decision – it is a calling of the spirit, of the self, to rejoin what they feel cannot be found upon the earthly realms. It is a different experience when one is not within a body, and some become quite anxious, excited, ready and want to leave now.

The rest are in an inner battle with themselves. They know that the ways they’ve been living their lives, the things they think about and have bought into – This is how is on earth. I’ll do this, and then it will be like that….. – are not so. They are struggling, for they are discovering it just is not so.

Each one is at their own varying degree of awakening. On the deepest levels, each one is searching for the reality of that which truly is. They are seeing in various ways, wearing various colored glasses from various spectrums of sight. They are seeing that what they had thought was real, true and could be counted on – is not.

Most are needing to make adjustments as a result of this – of their new hunger for what IS real and true. They are discovering what they have created that is in the way and is keeping them from their truth. Keeping them from their hearts, joy, flow and inner harmony.

And so my friends, this is the energy that is permeating your planet. It is an energy that permeates throughout your galaxy, and is very much focused upon the planet earth. Earth is the densest in energetic form, and the most dense in terms of levels of consciousness. There is a great amount of this energy pinpointed upon the planet earth so people can experience a great personal awakening. And out of this great personal awakening, there can be a greater collective awakening. And within the greater collective awakening, there can be a new way of being with one another upon the earth.

Do you have any guidance, both in the overview and in the practical, for how we might go about the next six months?

The overview I have given you.
The practical is – notice each day, each moment. What is it that is serving you? What is it that is bringing you joy? And what is it that is taking you away from your true essence? Notice.

For my friend, it is all in the noticing. It is all in the awakening, and in the level of consciousness and the awakening of that consciousness. If one does not awaken, one notices nothing. Nothing is new.

The task is to expand ones consciousness. To notice. Do I believe in what I’m doing? Is this making me happy? If I left my body tomorrow and rejoined within the spirit realm, would I be disappointed in how I lived my human life?

Each one must look at this. What is it within the culture that is serving me? What is it within the culture that is not? Are there rules I have bought into that do not even exist? Perhaps the mass consciousness has decided they exist, but in reality, are based in separation and are leading toward disarray.

Live your life in relation to unity, in relation to joy – these are the practical concepts I can give to you. Notice where these are and are not within your life, and then make new choices.

New choices. So now, my friends, we must speak about change.

Change is something many humans wish for, yet in actuality, want not. For change, literally, does mean change. Things will be different. How will things be if they are different? They certainly won’t be the same. Then what will they be like? I don’t know. One doesn’t know.

Change is too frightening for most. Choosing to live a status quo life, wishing and hoping for change but not really taking the steps or the time to take the steps, does not bring about change.

Recognizing the fear of change within each one, no matter how evolved each might think they are, is a most important practical thing one can do. And then choosing to bypass the fear could be a most effective path.

For each person it is different. Different ways, thoughts, ideas and concepts. Yet for each person it is the same. The hunger for the self, for the light, for the spirit. This is the same for each one.

For some, there are great hurdles to walk through in order to attain this in the day to day – this knowing that one is living the life of the self. That one is of spirit, of the light. That the earthly reality is but a dream made up by humans who have forgotten they are dreaming. It is the collective dream that has created quite a bit of chaos. The collective dream that has ended up being based in separation and duality.

The only practical guidance I can give you is toward consciousness and awakening. Perhaps within that is the concept of will.

Am I willing to awaken? If I do awaken, am I willing to make changes? And if I am willing to make changes, am I really willing to make changes?

In the past, I’ve spoken with you of many different things, yet this is the most practical advice I can give you, for within the awakening, within the living of ones true beingness, everything will change in a most positive way.”