2012 Healing Quest – Teachings from the Questers

Every year on the last day of Healing Quest, the entire community gathers in the tepee. Each person, whether they were a Mountain or Camp Quester, has the opportunity to sit in front of the Counsel of Elders. This is a time where Questers come to greater clarity regarding their experiences, as well as receive guidance, wisdom and suggestions from the Council. We conclude each meeting with a question – “As a result of your personal Healing Quest experience, what are the significant teachings you were gifted to share with the World?”

All of us who participate in Healing Quest know that our quests are both personal and planetary. As we heal our individual souls, the souls of all living beings are affected. We are One Unified Human Soul.

Enjoy the Teachings; they’re for you.

* Love is eternal.
* In the long run, it’s a lot more fun to perceive truth than to struggle with our unwillingness to perceive truth.
* Mosquito attacks are not personal, and in the grand scheme of things, nothing is personal.
* Non-resistance is the pathway to peace.
* Gratitude is key to happiness.
* Forgiveness is the path to freedom.
* Repeating the question, “Why?” over and over again, does not lead to any kind of liberation.
* We are all each other.
* Surrendering resistance leads to ecstasy and freedom.
* There are divine beings and energies all around us who love and support us.
* We need to unbind our souls.
* When we come together as a community for a common cause, our potential is unlimited.
* Walking and speaking your absolute truth is the purest form of love.
* Call on both your human and spiritual “peeps” to help you walk your path.
* We are never alone. Ever!
* Approach every moment with an open heart.
* In this world we live in, love is a given.
* In the face of adversity, the way through is surrender and breathing.
* If there is a dream, even a whisper of a truth about ourselves that we wish could be, it already is.
* Always remember to breathe.
* With the support of a loving community, the courage suddenly grows to face any inner demon you thought you ever had.
* Transformation happens.
* We are the world.
* Through vulnerability grows strength.
* By healing our necessary wounds, our power and path is revealed.
* We all have a purpose.
* Healing is a process – brick by brick; be gentle with yourself.
* Accept the things we cannot change.
* Have conscious contact with your higher self and guides.
* Giving love and forgiveness makes ones life work.
* Remember to smile, laugh and/or dance.
* If you dim your light so others might shine, the light of the entire world gets dimmer.
* Spirit never ceases to amaze.
* We all have a song, and when we sing it, it morphs into a new song.
* We can trust the mystery.