“Healing Quest has literally changed my life in more ways than I can articulate. It changed my view of the world and of my place in the universe. It opened my heart to more love, gratitude, acceptance and understanding of my life path. I experienced deep healing. Quest gave me the amazing experience of connecting with nature and spirit in a supportive and safe community. My world has opened up, and this is just the beginning! Thank you to everyone who made it such an awesome experience!”
Tami “Jeweled Ocean” McArthur, social worker

“I entered into the Quest with zero expectations, and the outcome for me was quite extraordinary. Quest set into motion a deep found trust in self, a loving appreciation for the community and a yearning for continued development of spiritual values and understanding. In short, it was a blast. I recommend Quest to anyone desiring to expand their capabilities, meet their fears and celebrate shamanic traditions. I always felt held and supported by the staff and Annie and Chris. It was a beautiful experience. When the time feels right I will be doing this again.”
Louis B.Smith, builder

“Quest has changed my life. This will be my 8th year of attending, and I just could not imagine not being there every August full moon.”
Susan Godman, naturopathic doctor

Quest is a gathering of fun, beautiful people that changed my life in big ways. I have been a writer all my life but lacked the vision and confidence to finish several dozen books and write another dozen. I sought a vision to break thru my self-made glass ceiling and realize the awesome genius I knew lived in me. I paced and prayed in my little circle for three days and nights, fasting and drinking water. I watched the stars and meteors dance over my head up on the cliff, families of friendly bears jump in their pond below, knew the gods surrounded and loved me and recapitulated my whole long life – how I got here, why I’ve done all the beautiful things I’ve done, how I got the courage and vision to have and love my kids, to overcome so much fear — and how I was going to overcome THIS fear and get my amazing, visionary books out. I did. I have 40 titles published on Kindle and coincidentally am posting #41, as I write this testimonial to the wise, persistent, funny and good-hearted Annie, best shaman of my life. I also saw a UFO at the end (as did several others) and prayed and cried for true love and enlightenment. Those are less tangible, and actually, have always been with me through my life and they’ve been coming right along, grounding themselves in love of self, which actually is the fount of my creative writing life. One word: GO.”
John Darling, author

“Like many Type A men, the thought of taking a week off of work to attend a Quest seemed insane to me. Luckily, a little piece of my right brain kept nagging me to take a chance that this Quest would help me through a few places in myself where I was stuck. Needless to say I went to the Quest, and it was like accomplishing a few years of spiritual therapy in a little over a week. Annie is a down to earth shaman.”
Alan Cooper, chiropractor

“What started as a weekend Shamanic Journeying workshop with Annie Fuller turned into a life altering Mountain Quest. Through Annie’s teachings and guidance, I am now firmly on the path back to myself. After decades of doing what I was “supposed to do,” and forgetting who I was, I now trust in myself and who I really am. The adventure has begun, and I am grateful beyond words.”
Deb Groskreutz, computer program developer

Healing Quest 2013
Commitment – April 1.
Pre-Quest #1 – Saturday, all day, May 4. (Location – TBA)
Pre-Quest #2 – Saturday, all day, July 13. (Location – on the land outside Ashland, Oregon)
Healing Quest – August 15 – 23.
Post-Quest – TBA (sometime in November)