This blog is dedicated to pregnant women and their partners, mothers and fathers, childbirth professionals and actually, to everyone who has ever been born.

The Birth Guardian

Each of us, as Spirit, has a Birth Guardian. These Beings of unconditional love, often called Guardian Angels, watch over, nurture and guide all unborn spirits. They’re our constant companions as we leave the spirit realm, travel through the Birth Gateway and incarnate into human form. Their energy is always female.

Our Birth Guardian is with us during the growth and development of our physical body from conception through birth and remains with us until we’re at least six weeks old. After that she visits us often until we reach the age of three, and then maintains an awareness of us throughout our lives.

Birth Guardians are evolved spirits and are always accessible to us. All we have to do is hold the intention to connect with them, and they’ll be there.

How to Connect with Your Birth Guardian:

Find a place where you won’t be disturbed, and sit quietly. Think about what you’d like to ask your Birth Guardian. You might want to have a pen and paper near by.

Breathe deeply into the center of your chest, your heart/soul space. Imagine your Light there, the Light of who you are as Spirit. Breathe and center. When you feel ready, send a cord of energy down from your center, through your body and into the Earth. Ground.

Experience your connection with Pachamama, Mother Earth. Breathe her powerful, nurturing energy up your grounding cord, through your body and out your center. Fill your body and soul. Become centered, grounded and connected to Mother Earth.

Now it’s time to call to your Birth Guardian. Ask her to visit with you for a while. Breathe. Allow yourself to feel the subtle or dramatic shift of energy as she appears. Speak with her. Be interactive. And above all, trust your experience, even if you think you’re making it all up.

When your visit is complete, give thanks. Breathe, re-center and re-ground. You might choose to write down your experience. The more you directly experience your Birth Guardian, the greater you’ll understand yourself. You can always trust her, for she is, in a sense, your spiritual mother.

How to Connect with Your Baby’s Birth Guardian:

You can call to and communicate with your baby’s Birth Guardian using this same technique. Some will respond immediately. Others might require you to be passionate about your desire to communicate. All are different, as they are like us, each at their own unique level of spiritual evolution.

For Energy Healers, Midwives and Labor Support People:

Before you do any healing work for a pregnant client, consult with the Birth Guardian and work cooperatively with her during the session. She knows the unborn one well, in addition to its mother and will guide and teach you many things. Most of the time she’ll have very specific information that will affect the healing. Ask questions, be open to hearing her response, and if you put her guidance into action, you’ll enjoy watching miracles unfold. Always share your experience with the mother.

If you attend the labor and birth, remember, she is there. Birth Guardians take extremely active roles during these times and are accessible to the healer, as well as the parents. Call to her if you are in question about anything that’s going on, especially if it directly pertains to the baby. She will not “release” the unborn one to its earthly mother until she feels the time is right. The wishes and knowings of the Birth Guardian are always primary, above the mother, the unborn spirit and the healer.

In Addition:

This same method can be used to communicate with all spiritual beings. Since everything is alive, and everything has Spirit, use it to speak with a mountain, tree or river. Your dog or cat. Your spirit guides. It’s all the same. It’s a rare occurrence within the universal scheme of things for one to call passionately for guidance to another species or being and not receive it.

I can’t say enough about the love and wisdom of Birth Guardians. As you work with and get to know different ones, you’ll directly experience the abundance of support and caring they exude.

Feel free to share your experiences here.

We are never alone.