Sit or lie upon Pachamama, Mother Earth. Feel the beat of her heart, and let it permeate your soul. If the sun is shining, absorb the rays of light. If wind is whirling, receive the energy. If it’s raining, let the waters from the heavens cleanse you. Can you see the moon? Take in the luminosity.

All answers, all healing can be found within Mother Nature. Notice the birds. Do you hear them singing? What are the crickets telling you? Breathe deeply. Explore. What do you notice? Allow Mother Nature entrance into your heart and soul, and receive Her bounty.

She provides everything we need – all day, in every moment. There’s the ocean, lakes and rivers…. The mountains and meadows…. The earth in our own back yards….  She’s always there. Are we taking the time out of our busy lives to notice Her? To allow Her to nurture and sustain us? 

Pachamama offers us healthy food that feeds our souls. Let’s all eat up!!!!!