A Quick Fix

A situation within Hope’s family was causing her deep suffering, and she found herself in an emotionally chaotic state. Hope desperately wanted to be of service to her loved ones but was unable to get out of her own personal turmoil.

Intention – I am centered, grounded and in my body.

My teacher and power animal took me out into the cosmos to Hope, who was uncontrollably caught within a swirling vortex of energy.

The energy felt unmanageable to me, and I told my teacher I didn’t want to go into it. My power animal immediately took over. Strong, well balanced and unaffected by the vortex, he simply walked in and tossed his mane until Hope was able to grasp it and pull herself up onto his back. Then he walked out to where I was waiting.

We went to my healing spot in the lower worlds where Hope was taken into the healing waters. When she was replenished and ready, I brought her soul part from that reality to this one and blew it into her heart/soul space.

I told Hope she might feel dizzy, and she did; her equilibrium had become set to the dissociated part and now had to reset. When Hope finally got up, she was astounded at how well she felt. She was back.

Yes, sometimes it can be this easy.

The Human Heart

Intention – I am happy and enjoying my life.

In this journey I was taken to a jail cell somewhere in space. Adult Laura was standing outside of the cell, acting as prison guard, and inside of the cell was Laura’s heart. Guard Laura was ferociously overseeing the heart and unwilling to unlock the cell door. She said, “The heart must be in jail forever.” I asked my teacher for help, and he said, “Allow the Light of Love to melt the guard’s heart.”

In this reality, I placed my hands upon Laura’s heart center and asked that it melt the heart of the non-physical guard. After a while, it did, and she was willing to open the cell. We walked in, and I picked up Laura’s heart. We brought both the heart and guard to my healing spot, and when their healings were complete, my teacher infused the heart into the guard. I then restored the healed guard into Laura’s soul. I was told to tell Laura her mantra is: “My heart is home, and I’m safe.”

Laura deeply understood the Soul Retrieval story and was in a peaceful and self-aware state when she left. She knew the healing would evolve over time.


Rose was in her late 60’s. Her body was extremely hunched over and her affect dull. She said she’d been working on herself her whole life and alluded to her past as being “too intense to speak about.” Her legs were thickened, and she complained of weakness and pain in her hips. Rose’s personality was all business.

Intention – I am a pain free Being.

I sat at Rose’s feet as the Light of Love flowed through my hands. It took a long time for me to feel the energy moving through her body. When it was time, my teacher and power animal took me to a part of her soul. There was Rose, the same age as in the present, with heavy steel chains around her shoulders. They went down her back, around her waist and then out a few yards behind her, attached to a large steel ball on the ground. She was hunched over and focused, trying to get somewhere. The ball was unmovable. I was amazed at Rose’s willpower; this was a hopeless situation, and she never wavered in her determination.

I asked soul part Rose if she wanted me to take the chains off. My teacher and I removed them and took Rose to my healing spot in the lower worlds where helpers took her into the waters. When she emerged, I asked if she wanted to return to her soul where she belonged, and I brought her back and infused her into her Self.

At the end of the healing, Rose, all business once again, quickly got off the table. I was amazed; she looked completely different! Not only was she smiling and animated, she was standing up straight! (Rose has since passed, yet she stood up straight for the rest of her life. Her doctor was thrilled.)

I’d never been shown that clearly how the physical body can be so affected by the physical state of a soul part, as it was in Rose’s situation. Rose’s part, a dissociated expression of a lifetime of intensity, set the template for her human form.

Soul loss is part of the Human experience and eventually manifests in this reality in some way. Is there a pattern in your life you’re unable to shift? Are you ill? Do you need help recovering from a trauma? There are no limitations to the healing potential of Soul Retrieval.

(All the names have been changed.)