The collective Human Soul is fracturing and cracking. And there isn’t just one crack; there are many fragmented cracks dispersed within its entire Beingness.

Are you feeling this within your own individuated Soul? How are you dealing with it?

Earth is being infused with transformational energies right now, energies that are a vital part of what’s necessary for this new era and shift. Their purpose is to free the collective Human Soul (which is made up of each of our individuated, unique souls) of its external layers of heaviness, dysfunction and wounds. Their intention is to move humanity out of Separation and into a state of Oneness and Unity.

The individuated Human Soul is multi-layered. Healing and awakening occur when we reach a layer we thought we never experienced before, had no idea was there or thought we’d finally completed, yet appears again. As Human Beings we’re always in a process of un-layering. Attending to the outer-most layer of our soulscape is important, because whatever is encompassed within that layer affects everything before it, including our energetic, emotional and physical bodies.

The cracks in our individuated Souls are creating space for the entire Human Soul to shed its outer dysfunctional layers so Unity can take its rightful place. Imagine what the world would be like with Unity and Oneness at the edge and core of everyone…..

The only way to be in this process is to ALLOW.

As each of us does our personal parts and allows the layers within our individual souls to shed, release and dissipate, it’s possible we’ll feel a heightened vulnerability. This is a death, and as with any death, we might find ourselves dealing with the human ego. The ego doesn’t want the death to occur; it’s attached to the familiar ways, patterns and energies of the dysfunctional layers. Fear might arise. Agitation. Big emotions. Feelings of nakedness and disorientation of self can occur, for the egoic, structural aspect of the self prefers the familiarity of the layers, no matter how unhealthy they may be.

You know how when you peel an onion, the outer layer of skin can come off easily, and yet sometimes it doesn’t? Parts might adhere or detach that we hadn’t expected. This is what’s occurring within the Human Soul. There’s resistance, both micro-cosmically and macro-cosmically, and this resistance creates disunity. Battles, on both the inner and outer, are occurring.

It’s important to recognize the unhealthy layers of our soulscapes, and ALLOW them, as if they were the layers of an onion, to peel off easily. Without fighting or resistance. This can more easily occur when the human ego, the human will and the will of Spirit are aligned.

On a breezy day, as the wind moves though and creates music for the trees to dance to, leaves might fall. If asked, the trees might prefer to keep their leaves, but the wind freely dislodges them. The trees don’t protest or worry about what they’ll look like when the winds are complete. Perhaps the fruits they’ve grown will fall. Dancing with no concerns, they allow the wind to do its part.

Trees are natural forces of nature. Wind and energy are natural forces of nature. We’ve forgotten that we are natural forces of nature as well.

Can we allow these natural energetic forces of nature to encompass us and fulfill their mission? To help us free the outer layer, and perhaps the next, and the next and even the next layer of our souls? Our personal actions always affect the entirety of the Human Soul.

Let’s all go outside and stand in the wind/energies. We can spread out our legs, and raise our arms. Allowing………. Let’s dance together to the music of the energy. Receive. Mother Earth will not fail us. Our feet won’t topple over. And if we find ourselves swaying, for the breeze and the winds can be powerful as they infuse us multi-dimensionally, let’s sit down for a while. The energies won’t change, yet our way within them might. As we sit together, we can open our arms. Sway. Breath. Dance. Allow.

These energies exist and are doing their part for the benefit of all Human Beings. As the natural forces of nature we innately are, let’s engage in a conscious partnership/relationship with them.  This can be a magnificent way to receive the transformational energies and allow them to transform us.