I’m getting ready to go to back to Peru. (Maybe I’ll already be there by the time you read this.) After nine years, I’m finally returning to Putu Cusi.


My first trip to Peru was in 1996. I felt called to go, but didn’t know why until I watched a slide show and saw the Andes Mountains. I felt them in my body, and that night I joined a group that would be participating in the Hatun Karpay, or Great Initiation, with Andean priest and mystic, Juan Nunez del Prado. It was a ten-day initiation and three of them would be spent at Machu Picchu.


To get up to the magical and mystical ruins of Machu Picchu, you board a bus in the town of Aguas Calientes. The road is windy, full of switchbacks, and all around are the Andes; it’s breathtaking. In the midst of my awe, I found myself almost magnetized to one particular mountain. It was smaller than the rest, yet very discernible to me. Every time the bus turned away from it, I could barely wait until it came into view again. When we finally reached our destination, I asked Juan about it. He pointed to the mountain and said, “Her name is Putu Cusi, Flowering Joy.”


Putu Cusi is the only female mountain at Machu Picchu, and I connected deeply with her every day I was there. It was almost out of my control, as if she needed me to know her and take her into my heart and soul. Our relationship was born that August.


A few months after my return home, Putu Cusi came to me in a vision. She showed me that 2000 years ago sorcerers had placed a seal of energy at her base to keep the Divine Feminine energy of Pachamama from moving up through her and out into the atmosphere. It was time for the seal to be removed, and she asked me to do it. Without knowing how that would happen, I unhesitatingly agreed.


As the mission was incubating within me, I had my initiation into shamanism. While using will I didn’t know I had to remain in my body, on the Earth, Putu Cusi came to me. At that moment I realized the core reason I had to survive was to follow through with my promise to her. I was surprised to experience the depth of our relationship.


Within a couple of weeks post-initiation, I was blessed to receive a visit from Juan. I desperately needed context, and he was a wonderful grounding force. During that time we arranged a trip to South America, and in September, 2007, a few friends and myself spent a month in Peru and Bolivia with him. I was in a spiritual preparation for the ceremony with Putu Cusi much of the time.


The day finally arrived. That morning we created a despacho (offering) and then walked down the railroad tracks to her base, where Putu Cusi meets Pachamama. After offering the despacho, we walked across the road and stood facing Putu Cusi. Our intention was to remove the seal so the energies could flow freely, as they have always been meant to. We opened our qosqos (spiritual stomachs) and each of us, in our own timing, digested the heavy energy of the seal.


It was an amazing experience. Even Juan said he had never encountered and digested such heavy energy before. But something even more extraordinary happened. Apu Putu Cusi entered one of my friends, who then gave each of us a karpay (energy transmission) of the energy. Everyone’s lives were changed.


My last visit with Putu Cusi was in 2004 when I brought a group of friends to Peru and assisted Juan in the Hatun Karpay. Our relationship deepened, and I told her I’d return again. Over the past few years I almost did, but the timing never felt quite right. Last December when I asked a friend if she wanted to go to Peru with me and she said yes, I was thrilled. I knew for sure it was finally the right time.


Last week, in the early hours of the morning, a loud crash awakened me. It sounded like something shattered. I got up and found myself walking directly to the healing room. On a small rug on the floor, face down, was the picture of Putu Cusi that usually hung on the high wall above. Somehow the picture had detached and fallen neatly on a rug that was way off to the side. The force had lifted a rattle from the basket lying near by, and it was the sound of the rattle hitting the tile floor that awakened me.


The scene was surreal. How did the picture come off the wall? The nails were still in. And even if it did fall off naturally, how did it fall to the left and land so perfectly without even a crack in the glass?


I got back in bed and called to my teachers, “What just happened?” I was told, “Putu Cusi wants you to know that she knows you’re coming. She wanted to wake you up.”


Yes Putu cusi, you did wake me up, on many levels.


As of this writing, I’m leaving in about a week; my friend and I are boarding a plane on October sixth and will be in Peru for three weeks. Once again, I feel like I’m being prepared to meet my mountain. I certainly don’t know what’s in store for me, but I do know that Pachamama and everything that’s part of Mother Nature are Alive. As alive as you and I. I’m very grateful for my connection with Putu Cusi and if she asks, am willing to be in service to her again.



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