We arrived in Aguas Calientes, the town in the mountains where everyone stays when they go to Machu Picchu, got settled into our hotel and then walked down the railroad tracks directly to Putu Cusi. I felt as if a force was pulling me to her.

       At the base of the mountain, I made a connection and opened my qosqo, my spiritual stomach, so I’d be able to freely receive her energy. It was thrilling to walk up the old Incan steps; I was directly upon Putu Cusi for the first time ever! I didn’t know how far up we’d go, but was clear I’d know when to stop.

       After about fifteen minutes, just around a bend I noticed a natural formation on her body, a perfectly carved couch for us to sit upon.  I placed my pack aside, sat down, got comfortable and closed my eyes. Breathing deeply, I released heavy energy.

       As I leaned into Putu Cusi, a refined energy of such sweetness and love began enveloping me, and an instantaneous smile filled my face.  I heard, “Just sit back and rest, sister. There is nothing for you to do. Just rest.”

       I realized it was a Nusta speaking. A Nusta is a Priestess/Goddess in the Andean cosmo-vision, a manifestation and holder of the Sacred and Divine Feminine. (Before I left the US I was told that inside of Puti Cusi is a crystal mountain, and there were seven Nustas awaiting me there.) She was so loving. Soft. Sweet. I knew then that Putu Cusi is my Mecca. For nine long years I was aware I had to get back to her; she’d never left my consciousness. Now here I was, sitting upon her!

       Opening my eyes for a minute, I looked out at Aguas Calientes below and the extraordinary Andes mountains in front of me. Still crying, I closed my eyes again, rested and received the loving energies of Putu Cusi and the Nustas. I told them I didn’t understand why I was there or what was going on. And the Nusta said, “You don’t have to know anything now. Little by little you’ll understand. For now, just rest.” And so I did.

       After a long while I felt ready to get up. Wow. I saw such beautiful light over the Andes in front of Putu Cusi and myself. I began to take some pictures, and then a miracle happened. A rainbow appeared! I knew in my heart it was gift from Putu Cusi. A validation. A manifestation of love.

       There was another tangible gift as well. While I had been communing with Putu Cusi and the Nusta, Michael saw her face just above where I had been sitting.

       It was getting dark and time to walk down the precarious steps back into town. My entire Being was bursting with gratitude, my heart full and open. When I reached the base of the mountain, I reconnected with her once again and closed my qosqo.

       I left Putu Cusi that day knowing four things – over the next three days I would sit across from her and visit from the ruins of Machu Picchu, we’d create and offer a despacho in her honor and I would return to her “lap” for a final physical visit before leaving.

      Until the next time, of course.

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