Healing Quest season is “on” as we like to say.

I recently hosted a Healing Quest Information evening at my home, and a group of beautiful people showed up. After I spoke about Quest and a Quester from last year shared her story, two women immediately followed their knowings and committed to becoming Mountain Questers at Healing Quest 2014. Five others felt the call and are exploring. They have time; the official commitment date is April 1.

About three months ago, a participant from Quest 2012 put the word out to our local Healing Questers, and a group formed that was named, “Quest is Alive.” The purpose is to bring the workings of the tepee into my house (a tepee in another realm), and keep the power flowing all year long. There are four of us, and it’s been wonderful.

Thursday night, the 30th was especially potent. It was the new moon, as well as an in-between day in the Chinese calendar. The Year of the Snake was ending, and the Year of the Horse was about to begin. This is a big shift out of sluggishness and into movement, and we took full advantage of the energies.

With our mesas, rattles and drums, we opened a ceremony and called in the highest guidance of the Light, Pachamama, the Apus and all our friends in the other realms. When we were complete and tangibly embraced within an energetically dynamic space, each person took a turn and named the life that had died at Quest last summer (or two years ago) and the new life they had chosen to be born into. (Visit the Healing Quest tab above to learn about Shamanic Rebirth.)

The question I asked was, “How’s it going?” and just like in the tepee on the land at Quest, these courageous women went deep, down into it and spoke about where they were within their gestation. When each one finished, I asked them to claim the spiritual name they received at Quest, for identification with our spiritual names carries a much higher vibration than our given names and can be a foundation for how we see ourselves in our lives.

We then created a despacho of gratitude to Pachamana and the Apus and placed our personal prayers in it. We went outside, built a fire and once it got going (it was hanging out in the “in-between” for a while, like the energies) offered and placed our despacho in the center. The fire received and ate our offering rapidly, and as we stood there in the dark of the new moon with our star sisters and brothers twinkling above us, we received the blessings of the smoke.

Healing Quest is a grass-root, word of mouth, week-long ceremony that changes lives forever. This summer is our 13th year. Would you like to join us?

How’s your life going? Are you in a good flow? Do you have unrelenting patterns you’ve been unable to shift? Are you ready to release them? Are you finding yourself at a crossroads? Do you have a spiritual name; are you identifying with it? What do you feel you need to support your life right now?

Would you like to become a member of a safe, loving and spiritually open community?

I wish EVERYONE were called to participate in Healing Quest because each year I see life changing miracles. Consider this an invitation to join us at Healing Quest 2014.

Quest is Alive.

This is the group from last year – 2013.
Quest Group2