I like to name things. My car is Mama Cocha, Mother Ocean in Quechua; my house/property is Gratitude Sanctuary. I’ve been known to name days, clothing, events, trips…… My special recording pen is Penita. My most recent naming is a chair I bought just before my birthday.

A dear friend, Winona was visiting, and we went on an outing to a local second hand store. Just the week before I had told a class, “I’m sick of this chair (an old rocker I was sitting on;) I want something cozy.”

We walked into the store, and there she was, waiting just for me. An old, upholstered, just the right size to round out the living room, chair. I sat down. Wow. What a great chair! She leans back and rocks and swivels around 360 degrees without even a sound or squeak. Perfectly clean, soft velour; just what I like. Definitely cozy and truly perfect! Except – she’s orange.

If you had ever asked me what my least favorite color was, I would have said orange. I never wear orange and am not attracted to things orange. But there she was. And only $40! (I decided the store people put a low price on her because, well, who would buy an orange chair?) And of course, what’s Winona’s favorite color? Orange. Rocking in the chair with a big smile on her face, Winona told me she’d buy it for herself if she didn’t live so far away. (She lives in England.)

My perfect chair is orange. My living room has a purple velour couch named Purple, of course, and is full of deep red tapestries mostly from Peru and Guatemala. How would orange look in all that? Winona was clear, “YES, YES, YES.” I decided if the worker said she would fit in my car, I’d bring her home. She fit, and off we went.

The orange chair loves her new home, and I love having her. It feels as if she’s always been there. And when I put a small red, yellow and orange Guadalupe pillow on her, I suddenly knew her name.  “The Guadalupe Chair.”

Now I’m into orange. I see the beauty of the color in her shiny (do I need to wear sunglasses to look at her?) upholstery. Everyone who meets her falls in love. They call her “Annie’s chair” (that can be her nickname;) and once they sit upon her, they don’t want to get up. Pretty powerful Being, this Guadalupe Chair.

Orange. In my most recent blog I wrote that last year was “a time of the dissolution of the ego” for me. Now that I’m in a new year, recent events led me to realize its name. I’m living “The Year of Orange Wholeness.” Any metaphor that comes to mind probably has some truth in it.

I think I’ve waited my whole life to get to this Year of Orange Wholeness, and I’m grateful to be here. As the ego moves down its path of dissolution, I’m seeing there’s a wellspring of surprises ahead. To begin with, who would have ever thought I’d buy an orange chair? Red, purple, orange, green plants, wood, feathers and statues fill my living room. I really enjoy surprising myself.

So far getting older is proving to be pretty interesting.