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Group size is limited to 10 participants.

Enhancing the Divine Feminine

A Spiritual Journey to Peru

April 7-22, 2015

Veronica1Apu Veronica

 The collective Human Soul is emerging from a 2000-year period of patriarchy and moving into a restoration of the Divine Feminine. The energy of the Feminine, via Pachamama, Mother Earth, is alive and flourishing in Peru. Entering into and participating with the living energies of mystical Peru offer us limitless opportunities to release our hucha, heavy energy, and live more fully in our unique sami, refined energy. As we ground ourselves in the energy of our ancestors, take in the power of sacred sites, visit with women weavers, participate in ancient ceremonies and receive karpays, energy transmissions, from Q’ero elders, our innate Divine Feminine is nourished.

Then, in the spirit of ayni, reciprocity, we enhance the Human Soul and share our love and wisdom with family, friends and the world.

 Join Annie Fuller, Spiritual Healer/Teacher

For a Life-Changing Experience of Immersion

Within the Living Energies of Peru

Trip Itinerary (subject to change)

15 days and 16 nights

Day 1 – April 7 – This is a travel day. Please arrive in Lima by midnight.

Day 2 – April 8 – Lima: Rest. Explore. Our first group dinner.

Day 3 – April 9 – Lima: Visit the 5000-year-old sacred city of Caral, oldest city in the Americas and home of our Incan ancestors. We’ll open the Ceremony for our trip here.

Day 4 – April 10 – Fly to Cusco. A van will take us to Ollantaytambo, living Inca city, in the Sacred Valley.

Day 5 – April 11 – Ollantaytambo: Acclimate to the altitude. Rest. Explore.

Day 6 – April 12 – Ollantaytambo: We’ll spend a ceremonial day being in and working with the energies of the Ollantaytambo ruins.

Day 7 – April 13 – Ollantaytambo: Morning: We travel with Awamaki, a non-profit organization, to visit the weavers in Patacancha. Late afternoon: Q’ero elder, Dona Julianna facilitates a Nusta ceremony and initiation for us. In the Andean cosmo-vision, Nustas are manifestations and holders of the Sacred and Divine Feminine.

Day 8 – April 14 – Vistadome train to Aguas Calientes. Meet Phutu Cusi, the only female mountain at Machu Picchu.

Day 9 – April 15 – Aguas Calientes: We’ll spend all day in the energies of the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Day 10 – April 16 – Aguas Calientes: A day of the caves at Machu Picchu.

Day 11 – April 17Morning: We say good-by to Phutu Cusi. Afternoon: Vistadome train back to Ollantaytambo.

Day 12 – April 18 – Ollantaytambo: Rest. Shop. Explore.

Day 13 – April 19 – Ollantaytambo: Pilgrimage to Apu Veronica, Keeper of the Black Light, with Q’ero Elder Don Nasario, where we’ll create a despacho and receive karpays.

Day 14 – April 20Morning/afternoon: Ceremonial day at Moray, womb of Pachamama. Evening: Arrive in Pisac.

Day 15 – April 21 – Pisac: We’ll spend the day exploring and working with the energies of the Pisac ruins.

Day 16 – April 22 – Pisac: Morning/afternoon: Wonderful shopping at the Pisac market. Evening: Closing Ceremony of our trip.

April 23 – Individual plans – Home? Further travel?

Ayni: $3850 and Includes:

All transportation within Peru.

One domestic Lima/Cusco flight.

Hotels, double occupancy, for 16 nights.

All meals.

Entrance Fees.


Generous gratuities to special helpers.

My leadership, experience and teachings.

Group meetings and individual check-ins.

Not Included:

Your international flight to and from Lima, your internal flight from Cusco (or wherever you might travel to after the group trip is complete) back to Lima, water, alcohol (not recommended) personal tips, gifts and travel insurance (required).

If you need a single room, please speak with me; this necessitates a single supplement fee.


Our group size will be small – not more than 10 participants, plus an assistant and myself.

A non-refundable deposit of $850 is due December 15. This secures your place.

The full balance ($3000) is due by March 15. Payment plans are available.

This journey is a wonderful opportunity to share an AMAZING experience with friends and family members.


Traveling, as well as being in a group, can be stressful at times. As we immerse ourselves in refined energies, hucha can arise. Flexibility, as well as the willingness to be in the flow of things, are always helpful. Please have the desire, intent and ability to walk a path of Faith and Trust.


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