The Sacred Khuya Ceremony

With Spiritual Healer/Teacher

Annie Fuller

Khuya means sacred object in Quechua, the language of the Q’ero, indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Andes and descendants of the Inca. The Khuya Ceremony is part of their heritage.

This ancient ceremony, also known as the ceremony of the black pant, is part of the initiation of the middle side of the Andean Mystical Path and has been kept alive by Juan Nunez del Prado. Khuya stones are used to open, cleanse, empower and connect the seven major energy centers of the body via a series of chunpis – belts of power. This beautiful, powerful and interactive experience leaves a person in their own energy bubble, purified, without attachments or projections. According stories told to Juan’s father, anthropologist Oscar Nunez del Prado, “discoverer” of the Q’ero, when indigenous healers were unable to restore a sick person to health, the Chunpi Paqo was summoned to perform these energy belt rituals, and the person was healed. 

Help keep the Khuya Ceremony alive!

 During this weekend you’ll learn about and experience:

             A Despacho Ceremony    Differentiation of Energies     Our Spiritual Stomachs

     Digesting and Refining Hucha (heavy energy)     Receiving Sami (refined energy)

 Each participant will perform and receive the Khuya Ceremony.

 We begin: Friday night, November 7, at 6:30pm, with a Despacho Ceremony

We continue: Saturday and Sunday, November 8 & 9, 9:30am – 6pm.

 This workshop is taught in Paradise, California

Ayni (reciprocity): $200 – $250 sliding scale.

$50 non-refundable deposit secures your place. Space is limited.

To register: Contact Annie:

530-876-1342 or

 Bring 1 or 5 stones to use as your personal khuyas, in addition to a cloth about 18 inches square (it doesn’t have to be exact) to place them in.

 Annie Fuller, International Spiritual Healer/Teacher first visited Peru in 1996 and returns for the 6th time this April. Join the group! Her teachings began with renowned Andean priest and mystic, Juan Nunez del Prado and continue with Q’ero elders. Annie is a fourth level “paq’o” as well as a “chunpi paq’o” – one who opens energy belts with sacred stones. She offers personal healing ceremonies, teaches classes and workshops, leads ceremonies and guides pilgrimages both locally and internationally. Annie lives a path of Faith and Trust and shares her medicine through her open heart.