“Not until a person dissolves can he or she know what union is. There is a descent into emptiness. A lie will not change to Truth with just talking about it.” Rumi


Shamanic Rebirth is a template for healing and awakening.

It offers an opportunity to participate in conscious death and rebirth within this lifetime. We name an unhealthy theme or pattern we’ve been struggling with, and with the help of an ancient Q’ero ceremony, sometimes known as the “ceremony of the black pant,” (see Chunpi Paqo) release it from the outer layer of our soul. Once the impression of the old life is absent, space becomes available for a new, healthy one.

The outer layer of our soul directly affects our lives.

Its energy radiates through the multi-layered landscape, reaches the emotional and physical bodies, and informs our entire existence. If the energy of self-hatred lives there, you’ll see its manifestations everywhere in your life. It’s the same with low self-esteem, inability to make decisions, fear, doubt, abandonment, and on and on. The purpose of Shamanic Rebirth is to free that energy, and replace it with something positive.

Creating a new life in the present affects everything we experience in the future.

How do we keep the new life alive?

It takes about nine months for the new energies to harmonize within the soul. I call this the Resurrection of Self Phase. This necessitates a willingness, minute to minute, day by day, to fully let go of the old, and identify with the new. It’s not an automatic fit. When the ceremony is complete, people go home to the life they’d been living, now a past life. Difficulties might arise. For example, if a person was living a life of fear for many years, much of what he created will be based in fear. Now that it has been released from his soul, he’s a newborn within a life of trust.

Our minds help us remember and stay in conscious awareness of our new life.

Shamanic Rebirth transforms the soul, yet since we’re spirit and human both, the mind is important to our existence. We can’t just float around. We want to be centered and grounded in our bodies.

If we don’t intentionally focus, we loose conscious awareness.

We fall asleep, revert back to safe, old patterns, and begin living the old life by default. The past life is strong within our being and ready to continue along as if a miraculous opportunity hasn’t occurred. We need the mind to align with our rebirth so it can help the harmonization process flow smoothly.

One of my teachers said, “the mind is an instrument of the soul. See the minds activity as energy and  breathe the energy of the mind down into the soul.”

Every single day, at least in the beginning, there will be a moment, event, or excuse to go back to the old life.

Crossroads appear. Which path do we take? The old, familiar one or the new? It’s a conscious choice to remember, and align with our new lives. The past life lingers. Using the mind as an instrument of the soul allows us to coordinate our entire self with the new reality. We’re newborns in a new life. As we utilize our minds in this way, we become stronger during the Resurrection of Self phase, and eventually, the old life fades into the  past.

The Shamanic Rebirth ceremony is real.

It changes us, and we become partners with the change, as opposed to expecting it to just happen. Consciousness and self-love are key. We might need to make adjustments in our living situations. Get a new job. Take a trip. ????

Each one of us has been given the gift of Life.

If we’re lucky, we’ll grow old. Let’s ask ourselves – what are we doing? What rules and templates of this reality do we want to buy into? The mass consciousness dream is strong. Does it make sense to our souls knowings? Do we have our own dreams? What dreams do we want to create? Do we have the courage to live them? How committed is any one of us to releasing the past and beginning anew – without literally dying?

Shamanic Rebirth has its crossroads and difficulties, but isn’t Life challenging anyway? Let’s be courageous. Heal the past, create a new present and future, and live true to our individuated souls knowings.

Eye of God