I’ve been in Gold Beach, Oregon for the past ten days. My friends have a condo and offered it to me for a writing retreat. I love it here. The kitchen table sits opposite a long, rectangular expanse of window. At the center is a sliding glass door that opens on to a deck. And beyond the deck, alive in all her glory, is Mama Cocha, Mother Ocean.

I’ve been sitting at this table writing on my computer every day, sometimes for more hours at a time than I can believe. Talking out loud and staring at my fingers as they type letters that magically flow into words. I look up and stare at the ocean every chance I get, unite with her limitless, expansive, refined energy and ask it to flow through me. For vision. Clarity. To help me stay on Purpose.

Somehow I’ve become a writer. Words want to be written and expressed, and they show themselves to me many times throughout a day. I just returned from walking on the beach where, at the very end, a current of waves was arriving at the shore while others were leaving at the same time. This created a beautiful, expressive swirl worthy of a poem, and laughing, I began spontaneously reciting one out loud.

For my book I’ve written a timeline of my life that shows, just for my information, my unfolding as a healer. Awakenings I had during specific years. What a perspective!!!! I’ve had two feet fully committed to walking the path of healer for over thirty years.  And now I’m realizing those very same feet are taking their wisdom and making a little turn onto the path of writer.  I like it.

I have this new drive to express myself through the written word, not just in classes and workshops. This is a new chapter (no pun intended) of my life. Almost sixty-two and at the end of my second Saturn return, it’s time for me to take a deep breath and share my experiences in a bigger way. Make them accessible to anyone who might want to read about them while they walk along their personal path of healing and awakening.

A few months ago I wrote a little bit about experiencing a shamanic rebirth at Healing Quest. I’ve been gestating for seven months now and plan on (if that’s actually possible) arriving a little early –late April, when I’m in Peru, instead of May. A good place to be born, wouldn’t you say? Makes sense to me.

Here are a few Gold Beach pics: