We open a ceremony in front of the Pachamama stone, and I give them blessings for their journeys. They’re ready to leave. I stand at the gateway of the caves and Huaynu Picchu (the tallest mountain at Machu Picchu) and watch them hike away on the old, Inka path. The rain is gently coming down, and I walk over to sit in one of the little huts.

I have a plan………….

A young guard is there. I ask him if he knows Efraen, a guard I met here about two years ago, a deeply spiritual man who accompanied me down to the caves for powerful ceremonies. Yes, he knows him, although Efraen doesn’t work at Machu Picchu any longer. No, he doesn’t know where he works now.

Wilian and I communicate – me in my funky Spanish and he in his equally funky English. He tells me he is also spiritual and can feel the energy. He’s been working as a guard at Machu Picchu for fourteen years. His father says it’s good for Pachamama (Mother Earth). Wilian wants to take me to some special caves at the ruins.

I follow him to the very same caves I discovered last year. This was my plan – to find them again! I guess there’s no need for me to wander about. Phutu Cusi (the only female mountain at Machu Picchu) has a better idea.

We go into the cave that’s closed; a wooden bar is across the entrance. Last year I snuck in. This time Wilian removes it and, ducking our heads, we walk right in. I love this cave!!! It’s dark and musty with stone niches purposely constructed on one side. We put our hands against the walls and feel the energy. I tell Wilian to receive it and take it into his bubble; he likes that. He shows me how this cave was built like a condor and points to a small opening in the wall where the light streams in during the equinox. The return of the sun.

I love the Inka.

We spend a good amount of time in that cave and then in the other one, which is larger and open to the public. Receiving sami (refined energy), releasing hucha (heavy energy) and receiving again. Wilian and I complete our time together by exchanging emails and shaking hands. Then he leaves and goes back to work.

I sit down on the grass outside the large cave and commune with Phutu Cusi, who is directly across from me. I know she brought me there. It was so easy. I relish in the miracle and blessing of the moment, the day. My Life.

The mist moves slowly and envelops Phutu Cusi. First she’s there, then she’s not. A glint of glaring light appears. Off in the distance the sun is changing the color and texture of the clouds. Birds sing and fly down to visit me. Below, the river flows loudly. I feel hints of a warm, sunny day ahead.

Embraced by the clouds, I watch the Andes Mountains slowly appear, disappear and reappear. Smiling, I inhale……. and exhale……. satiated with the Magic of Life.