I’m off to Peru for ten weeks on July 1. How lucky can I get?

This trip was conceived in January by myself and my friend, Salita. Over the course of the months between then and now, I’ve had various thoughts about going and have actually re-chosen it a few times. I’ve even been to Peru and back once.

Last June when I was there with a group, I was asked to be the Madrina for the wedding of a Q’ero couple. Jorge and Aleja are getting married in mid-July in their village, Charkapata, which is in the larger village of Hatun Q’eros, a four hour horse ride up the mountain from the end of an unpaved road. I think we’ll end up being at 14,500 feet elevation.

I’ve learned that a Madrina is like the god-mother to the couple for their entire lives. It’s a position of honor and responsibility to have within the family. My new family. The depth and heart of this invitation is beyond words.

There’s been lots of organization, as well as surrender, in the planning of what my friend, Janice calls a “National Geographic Adventure.” It takes two days to get to the village (for the Gringos; the Q’ero take just one.) We’ll be sleeping in a large hut with dirt floors covered with alpaca skins and integrating into a culture vastly different than anything most of us know.  There will be ceremony, music and limitless opportunities to share love. These amazing people are the direct descendants of the Inka and live the traditional ways of their ancestors.  Powerful, spiritual and big hearted, they are often called “masters of living energy.”

But that’s only one week out of ten.

We are blessed to have a home base in the living Inka city of Ollantaytambo, my absolute favorite town in Peru. We’ll be chilling, exploring, eating great food and making new friends. Maybe I’ll even do some writing. Most likely we’ll take a trip to Bolivia and Lake Titicaca. And in mid-August, a group from the US comes for a twelve day journey with me. Ahhhhhh.

I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy. It’s one thing to pack supplements for three weeks, another for ten. They’re heavy!

My intention for this trip is Big Love in all the ways and staying Healthy in the midst of everything. The ease and challenges – both. I’m grateful for it all. Everything I’m aware of now and the Mystery of how it will all unfold.

Stay tuned………………………..


My new son, Jorge. I still haven’t met his soon to be wife, Aleja.