When a woman becomes pregnant, transformational energy from the Source of Life creates a path for a spirit to enter her body and grow into a human being. This spirit is alive, conscious, and incarnates with purpose and intention. From the moment of conception and even before, it is able and willing to communicate.

Many of us know a growing fetus can hear sounds and words, but only a few realize it might have something to say. Communication is possible both ways, from mother to child and child to mother. Yet how can the unborn ones get our attention when they’re not yet able to speak in words we can literally hear? Sometimes they come into our dreams, yet more often, they speak through our bodies, because that’s when we really take notice.

An unborn one might have something specific s/he needs to communicate and/or experience before leaving the safety and familiarity of the womb. Since manifestations on the physical have their foundations within the spiritual and energetic realms, attending to the unseen can facilitate change on all levels. Unfavorable positions, post-dates, labor arrests, or any physical difficulty are signals that it’s time to listen to the baby. These beings play a huge part in the pregnancy and labor experience; after all, there are two people involved, not just the mother.

Pre-term Labor

Asha’s body was threatening to go into labor during her seventh month, and her doctor placed her bed rest. A very active woman, Asha had a difficult time accepting her situation. One day she dreamt her baby was speaking to her. He told her how glad he was that she was his mother; he had picked well. Deeply touched, Asha began spending time each day speaking with her son. She learned many things, including how she and her husband could support him as he grew. Asha gave birth to a healthy baby at thirty-eight weeks and considers those months of inactivity treasured gifts from her son.

Post dates

Hannah came for a Healing Ceremony. She was 2 weeks past her due date, and her midwives were concerned. I placed my hands upon her, entered her soul and channeled the Light. I realized she was having a boy, a spirit who hadn’t incarnated into form for a very long time. As he took in the Light his soul expanded, almost as if in a state of relief. He told me he was unwilling to leave the womb because the continuous flow of transformational energy was feeding him. He didn’t know he could experience it in other ways, as he and his mother were doing at that moment. I assured him I would send him Light anytime. Hannah believed the healing comforted her son, and it must have, because she went into labor that evening.

During Labor

Elizabeth was struggling during her difficult, posterior labor. Angry with everyone and disconnected from her baby, I sent her into the shower. Alone. I knew her baby was trying to reach her, and the only way things might change was if she had the time and space to listen. I don’t know what happened in there, but when Elizabeth rejoined us she was calm, openhearted, and the baby had changed to an easier position for both of them. She had a beautiful homebirth.

How does a pregnant woman communicate with the spirit of her unborn baby?

She opens her heart and mind. Breathes and relaxes. She speaks to her child, out loud or internally. And then listens to what s/he says in return. It’s a conversation. Although her linear mind might try to deny her experience, the most important thing she can do is choose to trust it. And then manifest her knowings in this reality.

What a beautiful way to begin a new relationship.

These are my friends Sarah, Cash and baby Finn. They spoke with Finn many times before he arrived.

SarahCash                                             SarahFinn