A woman asked me to do a distant healing for her son, a young man I’m going to call Bob. She said he’s not the type of person who believes in my work and asked if I could do a healing anyway. I checked in with Bob’s higher self and got the ok.

At every Healing Ceremony, I spend a good amount of time helping a client come to a core intention. What is the state of being they wish they were in? For example, a person who is depressed might want to feel joy. I’ve learned that intention is magnetic. Imagine it as a key, magnetized to move into and open all layers of the soul needing focus, attention and healing so a person can ultimately realize their intention. Over the years I’ve seen how powerful this is. Creating an intention is a healing and awakening process within itself.

The mother didn’t have an intention for her son. He was emotionally suffering, and she just wanted to help in any way she could. I decided not to push it.

I went into my healing room, prepared myself and opened a ceremony. As always, I used my mesa and called in the highest, most powerful healing guides of the Light. I called to Pachamama and all the apus. “Humpue, humpue (come, come.) Help me in this Healing Ceremony. I pray for a miracle healing for Bob.”

I asked my healing teacher, “What do I need to know?”

He told me the source of Bob’s problems was his depth of insecurity. There was a seed within his soul we needed to remove – a seed of insecurity. It had tendrils that were clouding his Light and affecting his experience of Life on all levels. Would this have arisen if I had pressed Bob’s mom to create an intention? I don’t know, but coming directly from my teacher gave it an exciting validity.

When the conversation was complete, I moved to the next phase of the healing and lay upon my healing table, turned on the drumming tape and covered my eyes. I re-connected with my teacher and power animal, and off we went as I journeyed on Bob’s behalf.

I was taken inside of Bob’s soul. This experience in itself wasn’t new, yet as many healings as I’ve done and as much as I’ve learned about the human soul, I had never been in so deep. His soul was vortexual. Its depth and breadth felt infinite. I felt as if we were on a journey that had no end, and at one point asked my teacher, “Are we really going to get there?” He assured me we would reach our goal, and I relaxed into a deeper level of patience and trust.

There it was. The seed of insecurity I had been told about. It looked no different than a lima bean, yet its outgrowths appeared boundless with multi-faceted stems and leaves growing everywhere. I had no idea how we were going to remove it.

Good thing I’m not in charge of the healing.

My Pleadean surgeon friends appeared and began a delicate surgery. The seed couldn’t just be plucked out; there were too many roots everywhere. They dislodged it with a specialized tool and began gently wrapping and folding the seed and its massive tendrils around and around upon itself until they were able to peel the entire thing out of Bob’s soul. It took quite a while. Throughout the process, they placed their green/gold healing salve in all areas the outgrowths had occupied. When they were complete, the surgeons took everything to the Light for energetic refinement. I looked at Bob, and he was glowing.

I was astounded at how the seed of insecurity had permeated the depths of every layer of Bob’s soul. It was almost like a multi-dimensional shroud that took up space where Light belonged. Core insecurity had affected everything Bob thought and felt.

It’s been a few weeks since the healing. Recently I spoke with Bob’s mom, and she said his has mood changed. According to her, Bob has a much brighter outlook on Life and is feeling new possibilities where before he had been stuck and depressed.

I love facilitating Healing Ceremonies. Distant or in-person, it’s always a win/win situation. The client has big shifts, sometimes quite miraculous, and I learn. I am always learning. Thanks to Bob and his mother, I have greater experiential understandings and perceptions of the Human Soul. I’m also exploring my beliefs regarding intention. These experiences are informing my work in new ways and will serve future clients and students.

It’s a blessing to be a part of ever-flowing ayni (reciprocity) with people and beings of all realms and realities. My heart is full of gratitude.