I received a phone call from a man I’ll call Jim, the husband of a former student. He told me his wife, I’ll call her Sonja, was very depressed. Sonja, in her late thirties, was an active woman who, in addition to caring for her two young children, rescued wolves and rode horses.

That winter she had a skiing accident and needed a number of surgeries to resolve her injuries. A rod was placed in her left knee, and she had to walk with a cane. Jim called because Sonja had recently said, “Either I’m going to kill myself, or I need to see Annie.”

Sonja came for Healing Ceremonies once a week for about six weeks. Our visits were simple, for she was barely speaking. Normally, I’m in a give and take dialog with clients, but not with Sonja. She came, was receptive, and that was enough.

At each visit we’d open a ceremony, speak very briefly, and then Sonja would lie upon my healing table. The intention of the healing was always based on her emotional state, which was not at all good. I’d always pray for miracles.

With my hands upon her feet, I breathed as the Light of Love flowed from my center, down my arms, out my hands and into Sonja’s physical, emotional and energetic bodies. When it felt right I’d move my hands up her torso, always paying attention to what the spirits showed me. When the healing was complete, after sharing with Sonja,  Jim would arrive and take her home.

Although the general template of each Healing Ceremony was the same, every experience was unique, and Sonja’s emotional state began improving.

I’d like to share a few highlights from our times together.

One day when my hands were near Sonja’s throat center, I realized she needed a soul retrieval to restore her voice. My teacher and power animal took me down to the ocean floor where beautiful fish were circling a particular area. They told me to dig, and I was excited to discover a treasure chest, just like the ones we imagine are part of a pirate’s bounty. I opened it and was almost blinded by the light and sparkle of thousands of dazzling jewels. Rubies. Emeralds. Sapphires. Diamonds.

My teacher told me these riches were a manifestation of Sonja’s voice and had been hidden under the bottom of the ocean since she was five years old. He said we would bring it back to her where it belonged. I received the jewels, called for healing and then blew the beauty of Sonja’s voice directly into her throat.

Later that week I received a phone call from Jim asking me about what happened at the latest healing. He said Sonja was talking non-stop, which was not at all like her usual self. I laughed. Then Sonja got on the phone and told me she was speaking in a young way, the way of a child, and she wondered if that was ok. I told her to give her soul a few days for the energy of her voice to harmonize and balance. She was fine within a week.

Another time during a Healing Ceremony, I became acutely aware of Sonja’s left knee. I had completely forgotten about the rod. That day I saw the cells in her knee growing around the rod in such a way that might eventually cause problems. It was clear to me it needed to be removed.

When I spoke with Sonja about this, I learned that the doctors had said the rod would have to be in place for the rest of her life. Staying true to my experience, I encouraged Sonja to have it checked out anyway.

She did. And when her doctors looked at the recent MRI pictures, they were shocked; they had never seen anything like it. Yes, the rod needed to be removed.

They also checked Sonya’s lungs. She told me that in the past the doctors had said her lungs were partially deadened (she was a smoker) yet the new x-ray showed them to be perfectly healthy.

Sonja’s doctors didn’t understand how it was possible for her physical condition to change, as it was outside their experience of reality, yet the pictures were proof. Their advice to Sonja was to continue doing whatever she was doing, (although they made it clear they did not want to know what it was) and they scheduled surgery to remove the rod.

I saw Sonja only a few times after her surgery. She fully recovered the use of her left leg. Her voice was strong, suicide was no longer in her thoughts, and she went on to live a normal life.

Sonja was a great teacher. Participating in her healing showed me once again that the Spirits, Masters, Healers, Teachers and Shamans of the Light always serve us in our highest good. It doesn’t matter what we want or think is supposed to happen. The Light moves where it is most needed. All of the intentions for Sonja’s healing were about her emotional health. What limited thoughts we had! Although we did pray for miracles………

My life and healing ways are based in Faith and Trust. Thank you, Sonja, for enhancing my Faith and Trust and for gifting me an experience of the beauty and magic of the Divine.

Happy Holidays, Everyone. And Remember – The Light of Love is All.