Before I became re-infatuated with Peru, my dear friend, Emily and I co-led spiritual travel groups to the powerful ruins of Teotihuacan, Mexico. One trip was called “The Journey of the Four Petaled Flower.” I wrote a blog about it in 2012.

It’s timely and important for us to revisit the four petaled flower, so I decided to edit a bit and post for the New Year.

The City of Teotihuacan was built over two thousand years ago. Around 800 A.D. the Teotihuacanos vacated it, although no one really knows why. After that, the Toltecs discovered it, and then centuries later, the Aztecs arrived. By then, Teo was in ruins.

They named it Teotihuacan, a word roughly translated from their native language, Nahuatl, that might mean – the place where man becomes god. The Aztecs named the pyramids the Sun and Moon based on their cosmology, and the north/south passageway through the city, the Avenue of the Dead. They assumed the completely overgrown temples along this thoroughfare must have been burial mounds. (Thank you, Emily, for help with this brief, concise history.)

Underneath the very center of what is known as the Pyramid of the Sun is a natural cave that, three thousand years ago, was carved into the shape of a four petaled flower. One thousand years before the pyramid was built on top of it. This symbol, the four petaled flower, is the center of the entire complex of Teotihuacan.

A Symbol of the Unity of All Life.

During our journey, Emily and I realized it was time to immerse ourselves in Teo without any of the preconceived ideas given by the Aztecs or modern archaeologists. Our group explored the ruins with open hearts and minds. Our intention was to learn from the spirits and ancestors still living there. Who were they? What was Teo really about?

As our group sat on the top and center of the Pyramid of the Sun, directly over the cave of the four petaled flower, my Teotihuacano spirit teacher, Sarayna told us (in part):

“As you hear me speak, realize the energy of creation is filling you from underneath, up through the base of this pyramid. Let it fill you. This is what we did in my day.

The four petaled flower is a symbol of All Life, Wholeness, Beauty, Fragrance, Bounty, Harvest, and Union. My people loved and revered this symbol.

The energy of each petal imparts uniqueness, and each uniqueness comes together in the center. The center of the flower is a combined union of all of the petals, and itself radiates out to create the energy of the entire symbol, which is its own uniqueness.

In my day, which you cannot see with your outer eyes, every home had a specific altar place where the four petaled flower resided and radiated.

Sometimes we became the four petaled flower. During ceremony and in festivals, we would dance, sing, and integrate the symbol inside ourselves in a deeply conscious way – Life: No Beginning and No End. Unified. This is human shape-shifting.

It is important to instill the four petaled flower within. Imagine your heart center is the circle within the flower, and each petal radiates out from your upper chest.

Every day is an opportunity to live as a four petaled flower. Receive its energy. Become the energy. Feed the energy to all humanity. ”

Every human being is a rare and perfect manifestation of the four petaled flower.

Sarayna’s wisdom gave us a task. Our modern world is calling us. Too many people are lost in both internal and external separation, and human suffering has become epidemic. Let’s make 2016 the year we commit to Unity and live as four petaled flowers.

How does living as a four petaled flower help alleviate human suffering?

Look in the mirror every day and say, “I am a four petaled flower of wholeness.” Breathe to your center, your heart/soul space, and envision your flower radiating out.

But that’s just the beginning. Our flowers come alive and blossom as we express them. Moment to moment, day by day, our unique scents, beauty, and colors emanate.

Let’s live our extraordinary petals with creativity and passion, and do as Sarayna asks, “Become the energy and feed the energy to all humanity.”  If we can remember “the center of the flower is a combined union of all the petals,” we can Trust the energy will be received by those who need it.

Happy New Year to the Entire Human Bouquet.