A successful healer experiences and lives infinite teachings of Love. Love of self, love of one’s god – whatever that might be – and love of others. And our task, above all else, is to expand our client’s capabilities for love. To help them open their hearts to themselves so they can experience how beautiful and special they are.

How can we accomplish this?

By asking others to help facilitate this very knowing within us. By being open and vulnerable, and allowing another to midwife us into our own heart awakening and healing. We are our clients.

The human heart holds self-love and bathes in it – if it’s free to. Many of us have protective coatings inside and around our hearts that keep loving energies from breathing and circulating. These coatings must be addressed and healed so love of self can flow.

When one is in an experience of self-love, there’s no need for restrictive barriers or filters. Self-love itself gives the heart the ability of self protection, without limiting the flow of loving and being loved.

Fear can keep us from acknowledging and entering our emotional suffering. But why is the thought of opening, cleansing and healing a wound so scary? Isn’t fear sometimes more painful than the actual wound?

As healers, we walk a two-footed walk. One foot is our healer foot and the other, our personal foot. To be in balance, we use both.

If it’s our path to help others, let’s open our hearts to ourselves. Attend to our own shame, self-hatred, anger, vulnerability. Dis-empowerment. Break through scabs of old, festering wounds and allow them to heal, from the inside out. And not just once, but periodically throughout our lives, for our work calls for it.

The choice to move into and through our personal suffering offers many gifts. Our hearts expand. Perspective awakens. We become free from the past and able to live in the present moment. And then there are the surprises. When I was doing intensive healing regarding my childhood, I found that the deeper I went, the greater my healing abilities became!

That’s how I discovered the two-footed walk. I know that walking with both feet is the only way.

Many years ago at Healing Quest I was given a practice. Chris, my partner at Quest, and I sit together each morning and take turns asking one another:

Is there anything keeping you from loving yourself today?                                               

Can you forgive yourself?                                                                                                           

Can you have compassion for yourself?

Sometimes the exercise is fun and brief; other times it’s confronting. However long it takes, we begin each day with both feet – personal and healer/leader – grounded in Self-Love.

To all present and future healers – free your hearts. For yourself, your family, community and the entirety of the human soul. A self-loving heart opens all doors one might perceive are locked.

Layered HeartFree HeartThank you to my oldest and best friend, Jean Anderson, for the art. Remember these???