We recently completed our fifteenth Healing Quest, one of the most powerful opportunities we’ve ever had to learn about Unity. Here is some feedback:

 “I’m slowly allowing everything to absorb. I’m especially grateful for the community we created and the support from the council of elders. Thank you to everyone for really showing up. It’s difficult to explain what actually happens in our ceremonial circle of Quest. I’m still experiencing bits of letting go of the old and welcoming in the new. Each morning I awake, I drum and claim my spiritual name and new life.”

“I’ve never learned so much about love, community, family, and friendship as I did from Quest.  It filled my soul expansively and opened my life up to healing, empathy, and love.  I feel so complete!”

“This is Freedom Rider. The life I left behind is living the guilt of the past. My new life is Using My God Given Talents. I’m getting to know this new life. The transition has been good, and my newborn self is expanding. I’ve done some writing and artwork. It seems with all the praying at Quest, there’s been a shift in my family. Thank you all for being there for me.”

“I’m integrating on many different levels and am so grateful to have tools and energy to play with. I have no words that express the feelings I have for you.  I know how things used to be energetically around here and your teachings have played such a huge part in the shift.”

“Soooo much life! So much good life! I’m just going with the flow and seeing what the new normal looks like. I’m noticing I definitely have a shifted and enhanced perception of just about everything. I cannot recommend highly enough the life-changing experience of sitting in nature, under the cycles of the sun and moon for three days, as a profound healing experience. I feel like I’ve reached the understanding of myself that I’ve been seeking for most of my adult life and am excited about the possibilities going forward. Big gratitude!”

Dysfunctional lives died, and Healthy ones were born. This is Shamanic Rebirth.

Old Lives

Boyhood. Childhood Conditioning and a Guarded Heart. Self-Sabotage. Shame and Fear. Poverty and Economic Insecurity. Living the Guilt of the Past. Manipulation and Resistance. Denial and Fear.

Can you relate to anything? The Human Soul is both Individual and Collective. Live the New Life Reborn for You.

New Lives

Manhood. Self-love. Freedom. Openhearted Love and Humble Service. Self-love. Passionate, Abundant Sustainability and Economic Security. Using My God-Given Talents. Living With Reality and Knowing and Honoring My Feelings.  Brutal Honesty and Contagious Joy. Having it All.

With old lives complete, we’re now in the “Resurrection of Self” phase of Shamanic Rebirth. We remember what we learned from the past and integrate that wisdom into the present. Receive the Teachings from the Questers.


Understand the past so you can be present and have a greater future.

Choose the path for your higher self.

Don’t wait until you’re sick to make changes.

Be willing to follow the path no matter where it goes, and know you’ll be supported.

Be true to yourself; you can lie to others, but not yourself or God.

Listen to your council of elders.

Life offers unlimited abundance.

Trust the flow.

Listen with your head, and hear with your heart.

Don’t let your circumstances define who you are.

A BIG thank you to every Healing Quest participant, from this year all the way back to the beginning in 2000. Quest continues to be a huge growth experience for me, and it is my honor to offer it every year.

Join us August 10-24, 2017 at our very first New Moon Healing Quest! Save the dates and make your commitment now!