We are in the wake of the magnificent worldwide Women’s Marches. How amazing it was witnessing people all around the globe coming together as One. What a powerful example of Unity! Spiritual Healing promotes Unity in the microcosmic sense, one person at a time. A personal, inner experience, since we are One Human Being and Soul, individual unifications enhance All – the macrocosm of Unity. When every One does their personal part, Everyone is served.

Each year I send out a post about Healing Quest and invite people to come. I have an entire page devoted to it here. Please check it out. Now is the time to commit and join us at Healing Quest 2017,  something I highly encourage you to do. In this post, I’d like to share some of my personal thoughts and experiences as the intercessor of Quest.

What is an Intercessor?

Look at our tepee. Individual poles support a skin, meet in the center and create a circle.  The poles are the people, with all our hopes, dreams and prayers. As we come together, a group soul forms with me in the center. My individual soul expands in inexplicable ways, past the perceived limitations of the circle, and the energy of the community becomes a part of it.

I become the Intercessor, one who bridges the three worlds – upper, middle and lower – for everyone. While holding the immense space of the group soul, I’m able to see and feel from a heightened perspective. Sometimes this is fantastic, and other times it’s a little overwhelming. Either way, I know I’m grounded, supported and guided because everything that happens is within the context of our Ceremony.

At the very beginning of Healing Quest, we open a Ceremony. This is one of the most important things we do; it is our foundation, one we reconnect with daily. We drum, rattle, play the flute. Call to the Spirits, Masters, Healers, Teachers, and Shamans of the Light. To Pachamama and the Apus. We ask, “Come, come.  Care for us. Support us. Help us manifest our intentions.” I hollow my Being and pray to be of the most powerful service. Everyone prays for miracles.

When the Ceremony is open, we miraculously find ourselves embraced within a bubble of supportive healing energies. Light. Love. Spiritual helpers. Everything that happens at Healing Quest is within this living Ceremony. It allows me the information to lead the group. I’ll never understand the mystery, potential, and power of Ceremony, and I won’t do anything without it.

It’s as if we’re in another realm. Experiences are intensified. Magic is palpable. Miracles are possible.

I’ve witnessed Healing Quest save lives, sometimes quite literally. I can always count on the community to come together and help me attend to whatever is needed.

I’ve witnessed radical bravery. Participants might be passionately committed to limiting beliefs for days, wedded to inner separation, and then spontaneously free and unify themselves. It’s amazing to recall what someone spoke about when we first open our ceremony and notice how they look, feel and what they say when we close eight days later.

I’ve witnessed people have mystical energetic experiences. Some of these forced me to walk a precarious path of discernment regarding the event so I could discover the best ways to support and empower them.

I experienced my own miracle healing at Quest a few years ago. Mostly, my personal needs take a back seat at Healing Quest, but the spirits always know better. I guess I was finally ready. Could there be a better place for me to receive the gift of a life-changing healing?

When Healing Quest is over and we close our ceremony, each of us has been reborn into a new and more refined version of ourselves. Someone once said Healing Quest is like having ten years of therapy in one week. Whatever it is, it works, and I continue to create the opportunity for all of us every year.

I love Healing Quest. All the mystery, laughter, crying, support, timelessness, intensity, beauty, food, open-hearts. Healing. More laughter. Chocolate. Camping. The life-enhancing energies of the natural world. The best of each person has the opportunity to manifest, and most of the time does. It’s always an honor to be the leader of such an inspiring and loving group of people. Many return year after year and new community members are always welcome. What a blessing.