When we’ve walked a path to its end and find ourselves neither here nor there, we’re at a crossroads.

Most people don’t like it. We think, “I feel like nothing is happening in my life.” “I’m trying to create something, but can’t.” “I don’t know who I am anymore. I’m not who I was. I don’t even like some of the same things, but nothing is replacing them.” “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I just get on with it?”

About six weeks ago, I was restless, agitated, and felt a little of each scenario above. I was about to get in my car to visit a friend in Shasta when one of my turkey vulture allies arrived. What a blessed surprise. She flew close and landed on a tree right in front of me. The day was hot, and I watched while she rested in the shade. Her eyes flit back and forth a number of times. When she knew where she wanted to go, she took off.

Her teaching – Rest. Notice. And then take action.

Gratitude washed over me. I finally had a perspective for my state of being. I envisioned myself on a plush lounge chair, lying back and relaxing in the center of a crossroads. Resting. Noticing. And Enjoying.

When we’re at a crossroads, we’re unable to see the future. Sometimes it can feel like being trapped within dense fog. This can be frustrating, especially for people who identify as movers and shakers, or always need to be doing something. Or ones who believe they’re in control of their lives.

Control. Who has it? Do we? Or does the mysterious universe? Can we force things to happen? Or does Life flow with ease when our will is unified with the Divine in a timing just outside our grasp?

When I first learned hands-on healing, I discovered I could either push the energy, pull it, or stay in allow. I soon realized this applied to Life. Sometimes it’s necessary to flex our will, and we push. Rarely, at least for me, is pulling appropriate. I’ve tried, but it hasn’t worked out that well. But allow……… swimming in the stream of allow, observing, recognizing, responding, and sometimes giving a little push ……seems to be the ticket.

I’ve been observing Life from the view of my 360 degree swirling chair. As usual daily activities continue, I’ve noticed that my perspective has expanded. So has my level of acceptance. An old lover once said too many times, “Annie, it is what it is.” I was never able to accept his wisdom until now.

Recently a new path revealed itself. I traversed it in my mind many times, for when the fog dissipates, it’s not smart to get up and run down the first visible path. By using our minds and imagination we can explore before taking any literal steps. How does it look? Feel? The spirits taught me “imagination is the bridge to the spirit realm.” It’s also a tool at the crossroads.

This sufficed until I began getting impatient. Others had parts to play along this path, and I noticed I wanted them to be in my timing. That’s when I remembered another teaching. It’s posted to my refrigerator for times I might need it. “Make patience your most welcome guest.”

I’m loving this crossroads experience. My seat is perfect. My vision enhanced. I’m relaxed (mostly), trusting, and “swimming in the stream of allow…” And now I have a guest!

At some point I’ll get up, say a prayer of gratitude, and begin walking a new path. The one I see today or a new, still unknown one. Either way I’ll continue learning from the opportunities this crossroads offers.

Next time, and there will be a next time, you realize you’re at a crossroads, I encourage you to create your own cozy swivel chair, and place it in the center. Sit down. Breathe. Enjoy the fog or whatever is clouding your vision. Trust that Life led you there. There’s nothing to do at a crossroads but Rest and Notice. Why not Enjoy it as well? Use your imagination. and open to new possibilities. And when you KNOW the path, take action.

Every crossroads offers opportunities for relaxation and restoration. As we settle in and trust, we’re able to experience panoramic insights about our lives. Once we finally! get out of the way and surrender, hanging out at a crossroads can actually be fun.