What a wild ride! Eight students began the class in January, and five completed it in June. We went deep, with each one powerfully participating for as long as they chose. Learning Spiritual Healing from the perspective of “the two footed walk” can be challenging. We absorb information while walking our “personal foot” where we experience wounds, stuck places, and/or limitations. After old, heavy energy is transmuted and freed, integration finally happens, and the “healer foot”  becomes accessible and starts moving. Attending to ourselves always expands and enhances our abilities to support and midwife others .

I fully honor each student – John, Jennifer, Christina, Kathy, Krissy, Angelina, Michele, and Zan. I believe in you. Thank you for trusting me, joining the class, and giving your all.

We completed the series with a Blessingway, a ceremony that marks a rite of passage. Out of chaos and commitment, our love of self and others flourished.

Enter our Hearts……..