Hello All,

I’ve made some plans for the Fall.

My friend, Michele and I are offering monthly Community Shamanic Healing Ceremonies. I’ve  facilitated these in Oregon, Arizona, Paradise, Chico, and even Hungary.

Traditionally, shamanism is a community event. We’ll join together in sacred ceremony and connect with invisible realms and realities. Soon it will become clear that everything is alive, and we are each a part of the limitless web of Life. Every month our ceremony will have a unique theme. Join us, participate, and expect the unexpected.  Miracles are always possible.

If you’ve been wanting to learn about shamanism, I’m teaching two core shamanic workshops: Shamanic Journeying and Soul Retrieval. As you integrate the teachings and experiential skills you’ll receive during these workshops, the multidimensional universe opens. Life changes. With your newly acquired relationships with Beings of the unseen realms as your guides, you’ll be able to assist friends, family, clients, (as well as yourself!) along their healing paths.

Take out your calendar, see if the dates work, and let me know if you’d like to secure your space. Workshops are kept small so each participant can receive everything they need. If you’re interested in taking both, ask about a fee discount.

Please forward this to all your friends, family, and clients. The Community Shamanic Healing Ceremony is open to everyone. The workshops change lives.

Blessings, Annie

Community Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

Chico, CA.

October 4, November 1, December 6.

Shamanic Journeying Workshop

October 20 – 22. Paradise, CA.

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Workshop

November 3 – 5. Paradise, CA.