Specialized Beings – The Foundation

The template of our planet is shifting out of Duality and into Oneness.      

Imagine a bubble of energy surrounding Earth. This is Her soul. For 2000 years, the outer edge has been made up of heavy energies: Duality and Separation. These energies radiate down throughout multilayers and influence everything – Earth Herself, as well as each one of us, for We are Earth. Our souls live within Hers.

From a macrocosmic view, consider planetary changes. Earthquakes. Floods. The shifting of the polar ice caps. Species of animals going extinct. Global warming. Within the microcosm, Human Beings are center stage. Look at our government. Read the news. Feel your own angst and unsettledness. Frustration. As the template of Oneness seeks to establish itself, the template of Duality forcefully fights for its life.

The energy of Duality is potent. Many of us created and placed boundaries around our hearts – metaphoric walls, fences, and barbs  – to give us a sense of safety. Boundaries keep us separate, not necessarily safe. We’ve become a species that relates to one another through walled-in hearts. Is there any wonder why illness, depression, strife, sadness, and lack of connection have become viral?







What does this have to do with Specialized Beings?

Each of us is Spirit, a conscious, golden-hearted spark of the Divine. We incarnate with specific purposes and intentions, the overall goal being awakening consciousness. What makes Specialized Beings unique is their missions.

Before merging with form, Specialized Being spirits pass through a realm of specialization where they take on greater responsibilities. They incarnate as all do, with individuated purpose, intention, and karmic duties, yet they add intentions for the Greater All. They are passionate about healing human heart constriction and restoring Unity and Oneness.

Enter the wild card of karma. As Spirit, we explore our lives before moving through the Birth Gateway.  For one choosing specialization, a guide or teacher might ask, “Are you sure you want to pass through the realm of specialization? You’ll be taking on an added burden. Do you really want to assist with anchoring the template of Oneness? Healing and awakening humanity is a difficult task. Your golden heart will be bare. Remember, you still have karmic duty to complete. Are you positive you want to do all this? And they say, “Yes.” 

Specialized Beings seek to free us of our self-imposed confines and limitations. They live as role models, reminding us who we are and of the possibilities of Life. They want to unbind our hearts. At times they absorb our sadness, depression, and suffering, often at a detriment to themselves. The visions of Spirit do not always take the dense reality of Earth into consideration. They challenge our perspectives. Their energy is refined, both a blessing and challenge, and is expressed through limitless forms of creativity – healing, art, music, dance, poetry, farming, health care ………… 

A pure, transparent golden heart lives within the center of Specialized Beings. 

Once born, each Being must settle into their unique, energetic resonance. It’s easier when family members and teachers recognize and support their often uncommon traits and behaviors. When that doesn’t occur, the person can become lost. They have no one to relate to. Feeling alone in their life experience, they become despondent. Because their hearts are transparent, depression occurs at a depth beyond what most people understand. Parents, educators, and doctors barely know what to do.

Duality and Separation are fear-based. A teacher says, “What is there to be afraid of? Love? Connection? Intimacy? Light? Union? The wounds of the human have become a source of paralyzation. With fear at the core, many people have become numb.”

It’s not just Specialized Beings that have transparent, golden hearts. Everyone does. We’re just too caught up in the ways of this reality and have forgotten many things. This is the objective of our Specialized Being friends – to help us remember so we can live our True Nature.

The pure hearts, insightful wisdom, empathetic essence, ingenuity, energetic sensitivity, and talents of Specialized Beings teach what is necessary for the flourishing of the Human race. Let’s acknowledge and learn from them. Remove our personal heart boundaries, and choose to trust safety. Let’s live as if the template of Oneness is already established, and honor and cherish All.

Once the template of Oneness is anchored, a harmonic shift will occur, and there will no longer be a need for Specialized Ones. We will finally! live as complete Human Beings.

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