An Apu is a living, conscious spirit of a mountain. They’re no different than us, for we are all spirit, yet we are spirit in human form, and they are spirit in mountain form. I don’t believe we can never comprehend their scope of awareness and power.

I have a relationship with each of these sacred mountains. I call to them every time I pray and/or open a ceremony. Their presence not only enhances my life but has literally saved it.

I am being asked by two Apus – Phutu Cusi and Veronica – to offer  karpays (energy transmissions) of their energy. I’ve received blessings from my Q’ero pampamesayoc friend, Lorenzo and am excited to bring my Apu friends directly to you.

Visit this link: The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go.


Apu Veronica is a powerful healer for me, as well as a bit of a trickster. She is the Keeper of the Black Light which, according to the Andean tradition, is the most potent healing Light that exists. she lives in Peru.



Apu Shasta has been in my life for over 17 years. She lives in California.



Apu Ausangate is remote, powerful and extremely sacred to the Q’ero. In 1999 while I was camping at  his base, he woke me up in the middle of the night. It took all my focus and wits to experience his big, big energy. He lives in Peru.



Apu Yanantan teaches us how the union of dissimilar energies is always more potent than the separation. He oversees Ollantaytambo, one of my favorite towns in Peru.



Apu Phutu Cusi brought me to Peru in 1996 and never stops amazing me. She doesn’t leave my side and communicates freely. What a healer and teacher!!



Apu Huaynu Picchu is the husband of Phutu Cusi. In 1996, while lying on his highest peak, I received a healing that, without a doubt, saved my life. Thank you, Juan Nunez del Prado for intercessing this for me.


mama simona

Apu Mama Simona is one of my spiritual mothers. She lives in Peru.



Apu Kailash was the first. He called to me in 1998 and listened. I traveled to Western Tibet in 1999 with 3 friends to preform a ceremony for the Earth at his North face. That experience was the gift of a lifetime.