Chunpi Paqo


Khuya means sacred object in Quechua, the language of the Q’ero, descendants of the Inca. The Khuya Ceremony, also known as the Ceremony of the Black Pant, is part of their heritage.

Very few Q’ero elders know about or perform this ancient, ceremonial tradition. Thankfully, it has been kept alive by Juan Nunez del Prado.

The purpose of the khuya ceremony is to open, cleanse and connect the energy centers, as well as empower, clear and harmonize the energy bubble, or, as I like to call it, the soul – the field of living energy surrounding our physical bodies that expands, contracts and  defines our personal space (or lack of.) The centers are connected via a series of

Our centers are connected via a series of chunpis – belts of energy and power. This interactive experience clears attachments, projections, and heavy energy. It leaves a person feeling refreshed, with heightened spiritual perception. Themself..

The more we use our khuya stones, the more powerful they become. Practicing the ceremony gives them time to transmit their information and power to us. Each time we perform it, we find ourselves in a deeper relationship with our khuyas.

A Chunpi Paqo is one who is initiated to perform this ceremony.

I was initiated as a Chunpi Paqo by Juan in 1997.  Over the years I’ve been performing this ceremony, I’ve found it beneficial and powerful for every recipient, including myself. I’ve also witnessed many healings. We even use it at Healing Quest as a means of freeing a person from a dysfunctional past lodged within their soul. It allows Shamanic Rebirth to occur.

I deeply honor and respect this traditional ceremony and teach it the way Juan taught me.

If you work with energy, consider becoming a Chunpi Paqo.