Community Shamanic Healing Ceremony

Shamanism is an ancient, global tradition, a spiritual way of living and healing based on experiential knowledge. Within its core lives the knowing that Spirit exists in everything, and all are connected within the infinite fabric of Life.

Do you feel the chaos within our global community? Are you being called to deepen your metaphysical connections? Are you seeking an empowering spiritual path? Is there anything you would like to release? Someone you want to pray for or help? Do you need healing?

Through open hearts, prayers, and collective intent, we’ll create and birth a sacred ceremony. As the reality of this “middle world” shifts and our senses heighten, refined energies and helpers of the Light become accessible. Our interconnection with the web of Life becomes palpable, and we can assist one another’s healing and awakening in significant ways.

Healing within the context of community is the original shamanic way. Together, we create a space for miracles.

The first Wednesday of every month. No pre-registration necessary. Join us!

Location: Living Free Healing Center – 1C Williamsburg Way, Chico

October 4,          November 1,          December 6.    

Time: 6:45pm -­ 9:15pm.

Ayni (reciprocity): $10-­$20

Bring: a low chair or pillow, drums, rattles, flutes, and your friends and family.


Facilitated by:

Michele Friedman of Living Free Healing Center. Body-worker, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Healer for over 13 years, Michele believes everyone deserves compassionate support through every Life transition. Chico has been her home for over 28 years.

Annie Fuller of Fullcircle Spiritual Healing. International Spiritual Healer/Teacher, Annie has been creating Healing Ceremonies for individuals, couples, families, and communities for over 33 years. She has a healing practice in Paradise where she sees clients of all ages. Annie offers diverse workshops on shamanism, spiritual healing, and Andean mysticism and brings groups to Peru for spiritual travel.