Shamanic Journeying Workshop


Here are two opportunities to learn the Shamanic Journey.

January (13) 14-15, Paradise, CA.

April (22) 23-24, Fort Jones, CA.

This experiential workshop includes:

Creating and working with a mesa (medicine bundle)


The belief system of shamanism 

Opening our inner senses


Journeying to the lower and upper worlds 

Journeying for one another 

Attaining and working with power animals 

Learning about the Human Soul


January 13 or April 22 – Friday afternoon: 3 – 6:30pm.

January 14/15 or April 23/24 – Saturday and Sunday:

9:30am. – ?pm.

$295 – $350 sliding scale fee.

Ending times will vary because ceremony occurs outside of linear time.

Learn how to journey in a safe, small group setting. Discover and explore your own unique abilities while receiving personal attention and support.