A Taste of Healing Quest


These are my personal teachings from Healing Quest:

“Feed and honor your heart. Do things that enliven and excite you!” “Lead from your heart, honoring your mind and body.” “Let joy be your default mode.” “Don’t let your thoughts get in the way of seeing the beauty around you.”

These teachings were received. Not thought up. Not told. Not read.


Then there was ample time and support to integrate them.

They are my new operating manuals.

Over-riding them all, I died to disunity (an over-active brain) and was born into Unity – mind, heart, and body.

All of this was done in a community of love and acceptance and without the presence of “time” as we know it. Imagine! No watches or clocks for 8 days. That alone was worth the quest.

There were miracle healings. There was abundance. The land and water were beautiful, pristine, and nurturing.

We created a village where there was none, complete with a full kitchen and showers, a sweat lodge, and a full-sized teepee. Pure mountain spring. Mountain lake, so refreshing! Starry, moon-lit nights. 4500-ft elevation. Perfect weather – low 80’s by day and high 50’s by night.

The tepee was beautiful, lit by candles, standing beneath the starry sky in the mountain meadow. That timeless, sacred sight alone was worth the quest.

We were in ceremony and felt it. There were channelings for the group, and significant and pertinent information for each of us individually. Ask me about “cat yarn” sometime, or “dismemberment,”“hitting it out of the park,” or “heavy boots.”

I experienced a ritually simulated death experience, emotional, and beautiful. My life reviews were instructive, and insightful. I was in a lovely place of my choosing for 3 nights with only a sleeping bag, toilet paper, water, and warm clothing.

The last night I observed sundown to moon-rise to moon-set and sunrise. Moon light dancing in the leaves! Moon shadows! Dancing alone, but never alone, in the glow of the moon! Stars! I was delighted with the stars as they emerged! Lucky, lucky me to see night from beginning to end, to be a part of the universe at night.

Birdsongs, blue sky, pines in shades of green, orange, and brown butterflies, high cliff walls, meadow, cow bones, a bat, mosquitoes, hawks, white clouds floating and shifting, yellow and white wildflowers, sunshine and shade, moon glow, and nothing but timelessness and ceremony. Sacred. For all of that and more, I hold much gratitude.

Blue became Bliss and Spaciousness. Green became Gratitude. White became Unity.

Now these significant states of being can be easily triggered by colors found in nature.

Upon return there was such a warm and loving greeting in the womb of the tepee, and such abundance. Bowls of fresh fruit! Blueberries never tasted so good! Peppermint tea by request. Ahhh….yesss!

Healers, too. Breema. Chiropractic. Massage. Shamanic. Acupuncture. Abundance. Again, that alone was worth the quest.

The people, the people, the people! I hold dear to me my fellow beloved questers. We three mountain questers became dubbed “the triplets.” All ten of us became “The Welcome Family.” Annie and Chris were phenomenal leaders. The flow and respect, the lightness of being, the clear, direct, caring, responsible leadership was beautiful. The male and female union at the top was lovely, archetypal even.

The sweat lodge! Red glowing Grandfather/Grandmother stones scented with cedar and lemon grass. Intimate queries and responses in the darkness below draped prayer flags we each made and strung prior to immersion into this hot, sacred space.

Depth. Shift. Integration. Peace. Love. Joy. It was all there.

I live Quest, even in the challenge of daily life circumstances. It continues to manifest. I remain at a new at a core level. I respond a shade differently. No longer words with a vague kind of meaning, I know what it is to live from the heart now, and continue exploring what that means. Learning by experience is so different than reading, talking, or being told. I find it has a far greater impact.

I plan to return to Quest 2012, this time as a camp quester. I will have my own quest experience at camp and will support the mountain questers.

I am open to talking further about my Quest experience and to answering any questions. There are stories to be told. The life recalls. The day-to-day on the mountain.

Ask me about the walking stick. I believe it is easier face to face, but am open to any form of communication. I would love to convey to you the significance of this experience, as well as invite you to participate should it appeal to you.

Thank you for caring enough to read about my experience at Healing Quest. If it has served you in any way, I am happy.

Love and Light, Paula Edgar – Heart Light