“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth – not going all the way and not starting.” Buddha


 “Working With the Energies” Spiritual Travel to Peru

The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go

Big Love and Health

The Magic of Life

Returning to Putu Cusi

My Reunion with Putu Cusi

“Peru is amazing!  Annie Fuller is amazing!  Annie intimately knows the land, sacred places, Incan ruins (including Machu Picchu), weaving villages, healers, people, lodging, restaurants, and even the shopping in Lima, the Sacred Valley, and Cusco.  I totally respect her ability to facilitate a group practically, personally and spiritually.  How lovely it was for me to just “show-up” and have all of the lodging, dining, ticketing and traveling covered.  I was free to immerse myself in the culture and spiritual energy of Peru without a thought of money or logistics.  Annie’s trip to Peru was a trip of a lifetime, and I will forever be grateful!” P

Machu Picchu

“The trip to Peru with Annie was life changing. Working with the energies of the land, sacred spaces, and people are unlike anything I have ever experienced. The work of the sacred Feminine is found in the caves, rocks, and crevices of all that surrounds. Anything is possible. I am continuing to integrate what I learned from this trip and know that there is still much more to be discovered!” C


Ceremony with Nasario“All my life I’ve felt called to Peru. Realizing that dream, exploring the Sacred Valley through the experienced and wise guidance of Annie Fuller, exceeded any expectation I could have imagined. From intentional exploration of sacred sites to personal ceremonies with a number of Q’ero paqos, I have been transformed to the core. Annie’s attention to practical details allowed our group to enjoy our journey as comfortably and safely as possible, through top-notch accommodations, food, and transportation. Annie considers every detail, leaving room for flexibility as needed. If you are seeking an authentic, purposeful and potentially life-changing experience in Peru’s Sacred Valley, I highly recommend journeying with Annie Fuller.” L


“Annie has been my teacher, mentor, healer, colleague, confidante, and friend over many years. I cherish her wisdom, humility, and wonder of life. She has an incredible capacity for holding big ceremonial space for large groups that supports profound transformation for all present. She also has the infinite patience and compassion to midwife people through the intimate steps of change in personal healings. It has been my great pleasure to work with Annie so frequently, as I always learn new things from my experiences with her that deepen my understanding of life.” E