Today you need a Mother.
This is why I have come.
I have come to Mother you all.

Imagine yourself resting in my arms…..
Leaning back into my body,
My arms around you,
Holding you, caressing you.
Loving you.

Experience the safety of this.
Experience my Love as you rest against me.


My arms around you,
My heart and soul beating only for you.

You are safe.
You are loved.
You are cared for.
All is taken care of.

I am your Mother.
I am taking care of you.
There is nothing to do.
There is only to rest,
And let me hold you,
And love you,
And care for you.
As only a Mother can do.

Are you relaxing?
Are you allowing my arms to embrace your flesh?
Are you sinking into my body
So that my heart is beating with yours?

Relaxing deeper.
Feeling safer.

So safe.

Oh so safe, my dear one.

I am your Mother.
I am caring for you.
Everything is arranged for you.
You need only to rest in my arms,
and allow it to happen.

In this resting place,
there is no mind to be concerned about.
No logistics.
No decisions to be made.
I have taken care of all of that,
for I am your Mother.

There is only the resting.
And the falling back deeper unto my embrace.

And my Heart

And my Light.

All for you.

Just you.

In your earnestness to be real, to be open, to be true, you have spent a great amount of your time and energy unraveling. Unravel no more, my children. The unraveling, for now, is complete.

Allow yourself the freedom of Beingness.

Lie against my arms.
Allow me to care for you.
Only you.

Feel that, my friends, my children.

If each person could live their life with the knowledge that this is occurring at all times, chaos would diminish. All people could move through their lives knowing that they were resting in the arms of the Divine Mother.

This is a time to go deeper into your heart.
Your heart’s desire.
The calling of your heart.
Your heart’s yearning for itself.

What does it mean for one’s heart to yearn for itself?

Are you resting within my arms?
Or are you thinking?

The heart yearns for itself when it has reached a state of newly awakened layers.
And there it is.
New. Bare. Open.
And it yearns for itself.

Who am I?
What calls to me?
What am I called and drawn to?

The heart seeks a likened resonance it can become One with. It seeks a likened resonance within itself. The heart yearns for the outer life of the human being to resonate with its newly awakened, newly opened, bare, vulnerable layer.

Notice your hearts, my children.
Breathe deeply.
Sink into me even deeper.
Allow your heart to resonate with mine.
Feel my breath against your cheek,
Your neck.
Let your hearts love themselves,
And love one another.

In these times of quickening, when so much is changing and shifting all around you……. Where you, yourselves are changing and shifting radically, rapidly.

In this frenzy, you must remember..

I am always there.

Holding you.
Loving you.
Taking care of things for you.

Allow yourselves the time to rest and feel this. The mind need not figure anything out. The heart is newly exposed. The soul is newly expanded. All of the energies are aligned with your expression of heart. All of the energies are aligned to enable you, as a human being, to resonate from your yearning heart to that which you are moving towards.

You are moving towards it. You cannot be at a still point. It is all occurring. And – you can move towards it in my arms. Resting. As opposed to thinking, or striving or deciding.

I am your Mother.
Do I not care for you?
Will I not always care for you?

I am your Mother in the truest sense.
In the deepest form and way.
I am here to care for you, as only a true mother can.

Allow me to do my job.

Allow me to hold you.
Allow me to love you.
Allow me to make the decisions.
Allow me to get you to where your heart is yearning.
Allow me to arrange the logistics.

Allow me the JOY of being your Mother,
And acting as your Mother,
And loving you as your Mother,
And protecting you as your Mother.

It is one thing when a person knows not that this is occurring.

It is another thing when a person knows that this is occurring, yet still strives and pushes, and thinks he or she is making all the decisions and arrangements and must make things happen.

And it is quite another thing when one is aware this is occurring. You can breathe, and rest in my arms, and let me hold you. And know that I have taken care of everything for you, my child. As only a mother will do for her children. And you can rest… and be assured it is so.

I do not need your honoring. I only wish for you to acknowledge what is so, and relax in my arms. And open up to me so I can truly take care of you.

Your Earthly Mothers need the honoring. Honor them on my behalf. Their hearts are golden – whether they have wounded you or whether they have cherished you – they have done their best. And so honor me not. Allow me to be your Mother, yet honor them. They also have chosen to be your Mothers, and as human beings will rejoice and be fed by your honoring hearts.

And so, my children remember what you are feeling right now.

Know the energy, the light, the devotion
I have for you.
You are my children.
You are my beloved children.
Each and every one of you – alone – you are my child.
And all – you are my children.

I love you.
I am devoted to you.
I am grateful to have so many children to care for.
And I can and do care for each and every one
as if you are the only one.

It is only you.
It is only you.
You are my only child.
You are all my children.

Allow me to care for you.
Release the stress, the strivings and the concerns.
The drive, the force, the push, the pull.
And align your hearts with me.

Rest in my arms.
Lean back; let me touch your hair.

Live with me in these ways, my children,
And notice the direction and unfolding of your life.

I leave you now in this way, yet I leave you never.

Artist – Emily Grieves