We just completed our 13th annual Healing Quest. Our theme, as always, is Unity and our mission: Healing and Awakening the Human Soul. This is a personal task, as well as a planetary one and begins with each individual Quester.

This summer we had twelve courageous Healing Questers 100% willing to delve deeply into their own unique soulscapes and shed any heavy energy that was keeping them bound. Bound in what? Dysfunctional lives affecting their happiness, health and freedom.

These are the lives that died: A life of shame. A life of doubt and denial. A life of fear of walking her unlimited purpose. A life of self-imposed limitations. A life of feeling un-loveable. A life of self restriction and maintaining a closed heart. A life of insecurities. A life of martyred resentment. A life of capped power. A life of living anything less than 100% on purpose. A life of not being fully conscious and awake. A life of shame, remorse and regret.

Do you recognize your life in any of these? Do you have patterns of behavior and themes that no longer serve you? Can you feel a little lighter as a result of our efforts?

These lives, as I call them, live in the outer layers of the soul and mirror down, affecting all the layers that come before. We feel this in our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies. Naming them, participating in a ceremony that allows for their release, doing a life review to better understand how they took hold and then beginning a new life is Shamanic Rebirth.

We can be reborn without physically dying. This is what each Healing Quester did. Powerfully. For themself and for the Human Soul, of which we’re each a part.

These are the new lives that replaced the old: The life of Infinite Creativity. The life of Love, Joy and Abundance. The life of Surfing the Waves of the Open Heart. The life of Living with Integrity of Purpose. The life of Blissful Peace and Joy. The life of Enlivening Expansion. The life of Alignment with Mother Earth and the Light of Heaven. The life of Self-love and Cherishment. The life of Trusting to be On My Purpose. The life of Living My Power and Sharing My Blazing Light. The life of Direct Communication and Access with My Guides and Exponential Healing Abilities. The life of Faith and Trust.

Noticing our heavy energy, releasing it and awakening to our inherent nature as Spirit is the path of all Human Beings. We do it for ourselves, and we do it for each another. After all, we really are One.

Every year I’m honored to lead and be the intercessor of this magical ceremony. I bow down to each participant: Donna, Rich, Susan, Michael, Salita, Dennis, Winona, Be, Paulita, Christina, Debita, Lisa and my assistant, Chris. Thank you for the opportunity to do my part, one that would be impossible without you. And a HUGE thank you to my amazing, insightful and ever-present spiritual guides, who lead and care for me and us from the unseen (and sometimes seen) realms of Spirit. My heart is full of love and gratitude.

Quest Group2