This powerful teaching came through me a few years ago for our Healing Quest community, and now, two years later, I find its message once again pertinent to my personal life.

“There is an energy of dismemberment occurring on the planet. Structures are toppling. Foundations are crumbling. We see this within individuals, families, communities, states and countries.

Dismemberment must occur for change to happen.

Human Beings can become stagnant. The ways one does things must collapse and dissolve, and one must find new ways of doing the same things. Old and familiar limitations no longer apply – for yourselves and the planet. Release the energies of the past; they no longer have a place in your present. It’s time to expand and create new ways of being and acting.

Each day will bring its own unique challenges. Enjoy them. Laugh, and say, ‘Yes! Another structure has fallen. What is the new way for today?’ As everything crumbles, new potential and possibility present themselves, for dismemberment brings forth great opportunities for expansion. And within expansion, one finds the Self. The Light of Love.

Go deep, and break free from anything that keeps you from knowing and living your true brilliance of Body/Mind/Heart/Light. Break free, and live the love for yourself and all others.”

Right now I’m in the midst of a huge Awakening. I’m looking at my life, all sixty years of it, through bigger eyes. Ones that see the wounds more clearly and how I’ve created situations flavored with the energy of childhood. Ahhhh. Do we ever heal completely?

I’m in a time of dismemberment.

Core structures within my life are toppling, and I see they have to. As I grow older and continue the refinement process of my soul, I hope I can ”live the love for myself and others” gracefully. I believe as the old, outdated foundations crumble, new and healthier ones will form, and my heart and awareness will expand. I trust the process.

Dismemberment. If it’s happening in your life, please feel free to share about it.

Black Corn