I traveled in Peru for 10 weeks this summer with my dear friend, Salita.


We were based in the Sacred Valley and spent time in many places including: Machu Picchu, Cusco, Puno, Lake Titicaca and the Q’ero village of Charkapata. If you read my last blog, Big Love and Health, you already know a little bit about the trip.

For the most part, I stayed very healthy. I never had a problem with altitude (we have the best homeopathic remedies for this!) and high potency garlic supplements took care of other concerns. As far as the Big Love part, yes, the entire trip can certainly be put in that category. It’s even affecting people who weren’t there.

For example, since I returned I hadn’t felt all the way “back” and asked my amazing friend, Joy if she would do a soul retrieval for me. During the shamanic journey, as she was in the process of discovering, healing and restoring parts of my heart that were still lingering in Peru, Joy was so moved by my experiences, her heart burst open and has remained so.

It was a trip of Big Love for sure. And that Love came in many forms: through people, of course, yet also through the land. Pachamama, Mother Earth. And the Apus, Mountain Spirits.

I’ve been going to Peru for almost 20 years. Why do I keep returning?

My friend, Paulita left a wooden triangle painted like a glacier on my table which says – The Mountains are Calling and I Must Go. As soon as I read that, I knew why I took my first journey in 1996 and why I’ll be returning again next year.

In the beginning, it was Apu Phutu Cusi, Flowering Joy, the only female mountain at Machu Picchu, who sought me out and called me to Peru. This Nusta, an amazing, loving aspect of the Divine Feminine in Nature, has blessed my Life and continues to communicate, heal and share her wisdom with me.


Apu Huaynu Picchu moves through all 3 realms in mysterious ways. A masculine apu, he is the highest peak at Machu Picchu, yet at his base are sacred caves the Inka built around and into – Caves of the Feminine and Pachamama. I had an energetic experience with him years ago and believe he saved my life from potential, destructive illness. In addition, the caves (and Beings of the caves) attended to me with love and devotion during the integration of my shamanic initiation.



Apu Ausangate is perhaps the most sacred of all apus, and in 1997, I rode a horse up steep cliff edges to visit him. (If you know me, you’re laughing right now.) After many despachos (offerings) and ceremonies, it was very late (and freezing!) when we went to bed. In the middle of the night, Apu Ausangate woke me up. His energy was so strong and all encompassing that it frightened me. I had to decide whether I was going to have a nervous breakdown or take rescue remedy and b-r-e-a-t-h-e……… I chose the later (so grateful I had the choice) and have never forgotten the gift of that meeting.


When I first learned that in the Q’ero tradition, Apu Veronica is the Keeper of the Black Light, said to be the most powerful Healing Light that exixts, I knew one day I needed to meet her. This past year and half I’ve been privileged to visit her 4 times, and I’ve received 3 different karpays (energy transmissions) of her from Q’ero pampa mesayocs (Westerners call them shamans, although they call themselves paqos.) I feel Apu Veronica deep within me and know my relationship with her is just beginning.


In April I met Apu Mama Simona who lives and emanates outside of Cusco. In addition to a karpay, I had a rebirth in her presence and energy flow. I’m gratefully living this new life today and consider her to be one of my spiritual mothers.



One of my favorite mountains is Apu Yanantin, meaning “union of dissimilar energies.” I’ve never visited him up close, yet he reigns over Ollantaytambo, a village where I spend a lot of time, and I speak with him every day I’m there. He’s always teaching me about the many ways to look at, experience and live Unity.


I love Peru.

I love the food. Ahhhhh, trucha (trout.) Papaya from the jungle. The thousands of varieties of potatoes and corn……………..That amazing garlic sauce…………Even the cuy (guinea pig) roasted in a wood oven.

I love the people and their spiritual and energetic unification. Everyone – taxi drivers, white collar workers, restaurant owners, indigenous peoples – all speak from their hearts about the power and mystery of the land and how proud they are of their heritage. I love the textiles and folk art of exquisite beauty, artistry, creativity and tradition. I love how healing and awakening are available at every moment, which is true everywhere, yet heightened there for me.

As long as Pachamama and the Apus call me, I will go.

Hermanas In PunoEating Trout in Puno