The Beginning

One thing I find amazing about Spiritual Healing is that as soon as we set a date for your ceremony, it begins. A solid commitment frees and moves energies. I tell clients, “Don’t be surprised if your issue is exacerbated.” Sometimes when something is about to change, it holds on with a mighty grip.

What to Bring

Nothing is necessary. Anything you’d like to place on the altar is appropriate.

Who to Bring

I believe in shamanism, and shamanism is about community. In the old days if you had a problem, the shaman most likely attended to you within the context of the community. Friends, family, and neighbors would be present, and children coming and going. Healing was a not a secret.

This isn’t so in modern times. Now healing is a private affair. No one is there but you and the healer, and most of the time you don’t share anything that occurs with anyone.

People like privacy, but I’ve noticed the need for privacy is too often based on shame. “I can’t ask anyone to be there. I don’t want people to know this about me.” Many of us isolate and hold our wounds and emotional pain in solitude. What are we so afraid of? Privacy can create and cultivate separation.

The shamanic way is unifying. I welcome when a client brings a loved one, or two, or three; someone once brought seven! to witness and support them. Spiritual Healing is not your everyday event. What happens at a ceremony can be difficult to translate, even to a best friend.

Bringing community to your ceremony creates countless opportunities. You have support that easily transfers to your daily life, as well as a shared experience with loved ones. Your people don’t just watch; they learn and receive the energies themselves. It’s a mistake to think the ceremony is all about you. You’re creating a space for everyone to pray for their own needs and have unexpected healing experiences.

I explain everything. Sometimes I do a lot of teaching; whatever it takes for us all to be on the same page. It’s important we work together instead of you watching and wondering what happens next. We’re partners in the experience.


Ceremony is a foundation of my healing practice. With my mesa, a medicine bundle of the Q’ero tradition, I prepare myself and pray. I call to the spirits of the mesa, “Humpue, humpue,” (Come, come in Quechua.) I call to the rest, “Spirits, Masters, Healers, Teachers, and Shamans of the Light, come, come. Pachamama, Apus, Inti. Moon, Stars. Mama Cocha. Please create a miracle healing for my client.”

You might call to your healer spirits or ancestors. You needn’t know anything about them; just imagining you have Divine helpers is enough. Maybe you’ll even pray for a miracle.

Once the ceremony is open, which only takes a few minutes, we are enveloped within an energetic bubble of power. You can feel it. We’ve consciously asked for help, and the spirits responded.


Intention is key to healing. I listen to your concerns, needs, and desires, and out of this exchange, help you name a state of being you aspire to. If you’re depressed and say, “My intention is to not be depressed.” I’ll say, “No. There’s not enough power in that. What is the opposite of depression? How do you want to feel? What do you actually want in life?” With assistance, you might decide, “My life is filled with joy, and I’m walking my highest path.” Do you notice the difference?

There’s the magical, mystical side to Spiritual Healing, as well as the Human side. Creating a core intention opens the layers of the soul where the wound is rooted. We must also use our minds to consciously align with the healing. Awakening is part of healing.

What’s Next?

We purify ourselves with Agua Florida, flower water from Peru. You lie upon my healing table, with one task – receive. I place my hands on your feet and channel Light. The Healer Beings are in attendance, and I’m in a conscious connection with my Teacher. My hands rest on each energy center, your head, and your shoulders. Always channeling the Light of Love. When the healing is complete, I quietly thank you and encase your soul with Light.

I might: speak with you (inner dialog), blow into you (soul retrieval), drum, ask you to feed my mesa with heavy energy, rattle, ring the bells, ?????

You might: fall asleep intermittently or for the entire healing, feel pain at times, get emotional, talk with me, have a mystical experience, think too much, feel nothing, ?????

In the end, I fan you with sage and leave the room to give you space. When you’re ready, we talk. I share everything,  offer post-healing suggestions, and when all your questions are answered, we close the ceremony with prayers of gratitude.

How Long Does a Healing Ceremony Last?

Many healers and therapists base a session on either a 50-minute hour or within a set time frame. I allow two and one half hours. It might be shorter or longer depending upon what happens, how you receive it, and what your needs are. There’s no clock in the healing room.


You arrive for your healing ceremony in one state of being and leave in another. It takes the refined energies about three days to harmonize and integrate within the layers of your soul. This can feel wondrous and/or disconcerting. As the days evolve and you remember your intention and connect with returned soul parts, you’ll notice changes.

Painting by Angel L. Callanaupa Alvarez

Spiritual Healing takes place within the landscape of the soul.

I’ve witnessed people become whole. I’ve seen miracles.

I can’t imagine a more powerful healing modality.