How We Can Help Our Specialized Being Children, Relatives, Students, and Friends 


We learned in Part 1: Specialized Beings, The Foundation, that more and more spirits are choosing to pass through specialized spheres as part of their physical incarnations. They bring profound knowledge, and hope to awaken consciousness and anchor the Template of Oneness. Arriving from realms of pure love, many spent lifetimes in preparation for this task. Here are some of their gifts and challenges:

They are Beings with Sensitive Souls and Unique Energetic Natures. 

Like all of us, Specialized Beings have individual karmic contracts and are at different levels of consciousness. Unfortunately, some of our friends have forgotten the depth of spiritual amnesia, pain, and suffering on Earth. Some are better than others at maintaining mastery over their rapid vibratory rates. Some chose families who understand them, which helps their self esteem, while others receive unhealthy childhood conditioning from families who see them as a problem. There are a limitless number of factors affecting each individual.

They are Born Healers with Unprotected Hearts. 

These young ones relate from a place of Oneness and Unity. When their unguarded hearts are met by the shielding of others, they pull the energy of the shielded heart into their soul. Eventually their soul becomes cluttered with random energies which creates a distorted experience of self.

Children have an inherent need to connect heart-to-heart with their parents and will do anything to make this happen. Imagine your soul, a woven fabric of energy surrounding you. The energy is refined, the color light and transparent. In your innate need to experience Unity, you take on someone else’s grey, cloudy, heavy energy (sadness, anger, frustration fear). And someone else’s. This is a classic recipe for confusion, anger, isolation, and behavioral problems.

It’s easy to become lost within the different frequencies of another’s energy. I see this all the time in my healing practice with people of all ages. Most have no idea what it feels like to be in their own energy.

They are Misunderstood. 

Our friends do not fit in with the accepted organization of family, culture, school system, or religion. They have an insightful, expanded conscious awareness and are often called “old souls.” They question authority. Many are psychic. They bore easily and prefer focusing on creative interests instead of doing schoolwork. Many feel out of place.

That’s where labels and behavior controlling medications come in. Lack of education on the parts of parents and schools leads to the medical profession. This loop must be broken. Medicating our friends may placate the family and school, yet doesn’t serve the children. Or our planet. Pharmaceuticals shift a young one’s core energetic essence. Their heart contracts. Self awareness, expression, and creative flow dim, and a level of unconsciousness pervades.

As their amnesia deepens and unique, energetic harmonic shifts, depression often follows. This can lead to violent acts. Imagine a radiant golden heart. Now see it implode and collapse into itself. These ones can become completely lost to themselves. Perhaps they’re achieving higher grades in school so no one notices their emotional shift. Sometimes hearts are caved in so profoundly that suicide becomes an option.

The Center of Disease Control says 11% of children in the United States from the ages of four to seventeen have ADD, a percentage that increases yearly. How many of those are medicated? I wonder why it’s less than .5% in France?

What We Can Do

Educate Parents.

This is not just about healing the child, but the entire family. The goal is always to bring parents and children together.

The child is in the loop of the limited consciousness of the parents. There is nothing wrong with him. He is a spirit, a Specialized Being who purposely chose to come to them for karmic reasons as well as serve the greater whole. To expand perspectives. Parents must move past the frustration, anger, sadness, and insecurity about their situation and into education and empowerment.

Imagine a support group for parents at every elementary school. A place where they deepen their understanding of spirituality. Where they learn about energy. Where they explore their guarded hearts. Where they gain an understanding of what their healer/child is trying to do. A group that enhances their understanding of Duality and Oneness.

Relate to the Children from a Spiritual Level. 

Remind them who they are. Prepare special activities with the purpose and intention of awakening their memories. Create environments that enhance their unique ways. Listen to them as they tell you specifics only they can know.

Teach them how to release the heavy energy of others they take into their souls. As they gain a strong familiarity with their own energy, they’ll be able to recognize when they have taken on another’s. The skill to release it might save their sanity. We want to support our friends to be solid in who they are, as opposed to fragmented.

Mother Nature as Ally.

Helping each one develop a relationship with Earth is very important. Their souls are in a state of constant expansion, and not all are fully embodied. Earth grounds them. Connections with trees, rocks, plants, animals, dirt, rivers, lakes, oceans….. are core.

Their energy fields and the core of their unguarded hearts resonate most purely and easily in nature. When we lean against a tree, swim in a lake, or sit on a rock, we can merge our energy with that Being and experience unguarded heart to unguarded heart. Soul purification can occur. All of us can learn about our own energetic beingness by spending time in nature.

Parents might not do this. Many believe being outside is playing in a concrete playground. This is not enough for these ones. Mother Nature receives their frazzled frequencies, a result of living in a world of guarded hearts and heavy energies, and soothes them. They need to be in the forest, put their feet in a mountain stream, sit inside a cave…… and remember their own peaceful ways.

Remove Medications.

We can’t expect expect a child to come off medication and fit right in. Not fitting in is what called for medication in the first place. These children need unconventional environments. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if  there was a shift in perspective? A radical departure from the normal structure of education? This would benefit all people. Instead of a list of things you’re supposed to know at a certain age, children could have freedom to manifest their gifts with adults and teachers who recognize and support them. The job of the adult is to feed their gifts.

Remember, the more people of all ages living a life of an unguarded heart, the sooner the Template of Oneness can be established.

Our Personal Specialities 

Some of you are already thinking “I know how I might be able to reach some of these children. It is through my art, writing, music, healings. It is through the ceremony. Whatever your part is – do it. And know that you are affecting not just one child, but the entirety of the Human Soul. This is the reality of Oneness and Unity. We are All Connected. We are All Related.

An Exercise to Release Heavy Energy. 

Breathe to the center of your soul at your heart chakra. You can be sitting, standing, lying, in the shower, at the bank. Anywhere. Center yourself. Now breathe down the center of your body and grow a grounding cord. Send it out your root as deep into the Earth it will go. You are now centered and grounded.

With breath and intent, release your heavy energy into the Earth. Let Her have it all. Mother Earth/Pachamama is a heavy energy eater and transformer. Take as long as you need, breathing and releasing. There’s no need to focus on any one place, your intention is enough.

When you feel complete, let yourself Be for a minute. Ahhhhhh. Then breathe in the dynamic energy of Pachamama. Let it move up your cord, through your center. Exhale through your heart and let it fill your body and soul. Refined Earth energy. When you’re full and expanded, ground once again.  Any heavy energy left? Release it. Then get on with your day. You’ll feel fantastic.

Do this every day as many times as you need. Teach it to our specialized friends. 

Stay tuned for Part 3 – Spiritual Healing for All Children